The Girl From the Gap

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The Girl From The Gap is a female ghost that inhabits gaps between furniture (Doors, drawers, furniture of all types). She can be in any house, anywhere.  It's said that if you get a glance at her, you will find her looking at you from the dark gaps in your house. Then, she will ask you to play hide and seek. No matter what you say, she'll vanish, and "hide and seek" will start.

Even though you met her gaze and all, you're pretty much safe afterward. She won't kill you... unless you see her again. If you do happen to find her hiding again, the "game" will end with her being the winner, and she will forcefully drag you into the gap. From there, she'll drag you all the way to the fiery depths of Hell. 

After that, she'll begin to hunt down her next victim.

The only way you could win is if you're either horribly blinded or something along those lines, or if you never see her again.

Nobody is sure of the origins of this story. It may have been created to freak people out since there are small spaces all around people's homes, but no one is truly sure of why it was made.

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