Chapter 8

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I claim the plot, the hotel and any characters I made up. J.K.Rowling owns everything else!


Scorpius happily read his books and played with his toys from the safety of his picnic rug, glancing up to watch a shot or two very occasionally. Every so often one of the grown-ups would make their way over and provide some company for a little bit before going back to shoot. At one point Mark and Tristan had helped him build a fort out of the pillows, books and toys on the rug. A fort that Tobias had unfortunately accidentally destroyed when sitting down for a rest, squashing Scorpius in the process – which resulted in Draco having to pry a hissing and clawing Scorpius off the older man despite the fact that Tobias hadn't got as far as to sit on the boy. Regardless of Tobias's slightly frazzled and mauled state, he was still able to witness out of the corner of his eye, Hermione offering up her fist for Scorpius to fist bump. Suffice it to say, Tobias did not even consider going Scorpius's way to rest again, opting to sit on the slightly damp grass for fear of his life.

Tristan and Mark both plonked themselves down on either side of Scorpius after everything had settled down and the others had gone back to shooting at the flying clay targets. Scorpius had just nestled into a blanket and was engrossed in his copy of 'The Orchard Book of First Greek Myths".

"So what are you readi-" Mark started before Scorpius suddenly tore his nose from the book and narrowed his eyes at the adult, scrutinizing him thoroughly.

"You know it never ends well when you interrupt someone from a book they're clearly enjoying. I often find Daddy sleeping on the sofa for weeks after he's interrupted Mummy from a good book – and she knows if he tries to sneak into a guest room. Mummy is scarier than Medusa when she's angry so he doesn't risk it either."

"Is it going to end well for us?" Tristan asked somewhat cautiously.

Scorpius shrugged, "Depends."

"On what?"

"If you annoy me or not." He glanced at his book before deciding to bookmark it and put it down. "But you guys did help me build a fort so I won't claw at you."

Mark laughed, looking over at his uncle who was currently sporting a rather embarrassing wet patch on his trousers from sitting on the grass. "Your mauling of Uncle Tobias was impressive... and rather frightening." He commented, noticing three rather large and prominent scratches marring Tobias's face.

Scorpius looked down at his hands, as if he were checking them for blood. "He deserved it. He's the mean man, and he ruined my fort."

"Do you want to build another one?" Tristan asked. "Uncle Tobias doesn't seem like he'll ever come this way again so it is safe from destruction."

Scorpius seemed to contemplate this before jumping up and responding "OK" as he grabbed the closest pillow and threw it Mark's head.

"Hey!" Mark cried out, "What was that for?"

Scorpius grinned, "I'm just having fun."

Tristan laughed at the little boy's antics and also lobbed a pillow at Mark's head, which he dodged. They spent the next hour building their fort, whilst also having pillow fights here and there, resulting in them having to start again several times. When they had finished they all got into it – to be more accurate, Scorpius got in and the two others just stuck their heads in.

"Why do you call Uncle Tobias the 'Mean Man', Scorp?" Tristan asked the boy who was currently engaged in a rather competitive game of thumb wars with Mark, who was actually struggling to beat the boy.

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