Chapter 12

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"Isabel!" Hermione called out as she and Draco raced towards Scorpius and Isabel. "Isabel, I need you to look after Scorpius please."

Isabel turned to look in confusion at the two who were a little out of breath. "Has something happened?" Concern etched onto her face.

Hermione glanced at Scorpius, before realising that Draco was keeping him occupied by telling him to stay with her cousin or with her parents. "We've just got news that there have been some complications with a friend's pregnancy, we're not sure what's happened but we're needed if the husband's frantic message was anything to go by." She said quietly.

"Of course." Isabel nodded immediately, "I'll take him to your parents and help keep an eye on him until you get back."

"Thank you." Hermione took Isabel's hands to convey her thanks, before quickly turning to Scorpius. "Be good for Isabel and Granny and Grandpa. Daddy and I will be back as soon as we can."

"Is Auntie Ginny going to be ok?" Scorpius whispered.

Hermione gave Scorpius a smile reassuring smile. "I'm sure she'll be fine. She's a fighter." She looked back at Isabel and nodded at her cousin. "Thank you." Then she and Draco spun on their heels, heading out of sight so they'd be able to apparate to the Potter's residence.


Isabel and Scorpius were chatting amicably as they walked through the line of bushes that hid the beautiful picnic site. "We're back," Scorpius said absentmindedly before turning back to Isabel to finish his sentence about his parents' strange friend called Luna.

"Where's Hermione and Draco, Bel?" Sophie asked, looking up from behind her book.

"An emergency came up."

"Well, I'm leaving then," Cordelia announced as she stood up and wiped any dirt off herself. "Anyone coming with me?"

"I'm rather enjoying the view at the moment," Charles responded, not detaching himself from the binoculars trained on some dolphins off the coast.

"What are you looking at Great Grandpa?" Scorpius sat down next to him and used his hands to form makeshift binoculars.

"Would you like to have a look?" Charles indicated to his real binoculars. At this, Scorpius nodded enthusiastically.

"I'll head back as well I think." Tobias cracked his back and groaned at the sound.

Cecily stood as well and smiled at her daughter, indicating that she would come along too.

"Anyone else?" Cordelia huffed.

Mark and Tristan just raised their hands and waved in response. Sophie indicated to her book whilst Richard and Jennifer just shook their heads muttering their thanks for the offer.

"I rather agree with your Grandfather, Cordelia," Pippa replied, surprising her granddaughter at her answer.


"Go ahead, Delia." Isabel didn't even turn to face her cousin, instead choosing to sit down next to Scorpius and listen to the things he was pointing out, squinting to try and catch a glimpse.

Cordelia frowned at her favourite cousin for a second before brushing it off and turning to head away, her mother and father close behind her. When they entered the large open clearing that led back to the hotel, Cecily faltered in confusion expecting to see Hermione and Draco up ahead.

"Surely Hermione and Draco didn't head back that long ago?" She asked.

Tobias shrugged, "Legged it back perhaps? Isabel did say they went back for an emergency."

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