Chapter 4

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Scorpius was giggling gleefully at something Hermione had said when the sound of a knife tinkling glass cut through the air. The end of the table from where the sound came quietened down immediately, however Hermione refused to be 'summoned' that way and continued to entertain her son. The sound was made again, but Hermione continued to ignore it, smirking slightly when she heard the loud huff of irritation Aunt Cecily made.

"Mummy, I think they're trying to get you to listen to them. The woman who is standing up keeps hitting her glass with her knife as she looks at you evilly." Scorpius whispered as he looked at the others at the far end of the table.

"I know. But I'm ignoring it." Hermione admitted. "And that's my Aunt Cecily, Scorpius."

"Isn't she going to break the glass if she keeps hitting it?"

"Yes." Hermione smiled, at that moment the glass shattered in Cecily's hands, causing her to scream in surprise and cry from the shock. Hermione's smug smirk turned into an expression of mock innocence when she caught the knowing looks her parents sent her. Hermione was pleased to note that neither of them looked displeased, but that didn't mean that her father was entirely impressed either. The same couldn't be said for her mother, whose eyes were twinkling with amusement.

"Hermione-" Tobias growled loudly before he was interrupted.

"Look what you've done Hermione!" Cordelia shouted out. "Because of you, my mother cut her hand!"

"Scorpius, please could you ask Marcus to get the first aid kit?" Hermione asked, pointing at a young redhead who was currently at the door waiting to direct guests to a table. Scorpius nodded and hopped off his seat to do as his mother asked. Hermione gracefully got up from her seat and made her way over to her bleeding aunt. "Now I hardly think that's fair, Cordelia." She admonished.

"How is it 'hardly fair'? My mother was trying to get your attention, but you refused to acknowledge her which resulted in the glass breaking!"

"There are multiple ways to get my attention." Hermione started calmly, in contrast to Cordelia. "Using a knife and glass, however, will not get my attention. She wasn't about to make a toast, she was simply using it as a substitute as a bell, trying to summon me like a dog." Hermione spat. She took a deep breath before looking at Cecily with a polite smile. "Scorpius has gone to fetch the first aid kit." She informed the whimpering woman. "What was it that you wanted to tell me before you broke the glass?"

"I was going to tell you that we were going to retire to our rooms until 11 o'clock, which is when the women will meet to go to the spa and the men will meet to go hunting - giving us time to do what we want for 2 hours, as it is currently 9 o'clock."

Hermione raised an eyebrow and scoffed at the idea of spending the morning in a spa, but then her eyes darkened at the mention of 'hunting'. "If by 'hunting' you mean clay pigeon shooting then by all means, but there is to be no shooting of real animals. Not on these or surrounding grounds." Hermione told them seriously.

"But-" Tobias started to protest before Hermione levelled a nasty glare at him, shutting him up quickly.

"I don't care if you had planned to go hunting, Uncle Tobias, your activities regarding a gun have been limited to clay pigeon shooting." Tobias scowled at his niece, but nodded in cooperation. Hermione smiled when she saw Marcus and Scorpius arriving with the first aid kit. "Thank you Marcus." She said gratefully when he handed it to her. "Now, show me your hand."

Cecily reluctantly gave Hermione her hand, and uncurled it. A single shard had nicked her hand, but otherwise was unscathed. Hermione really didn't see the need for her to whimpering and crying, but wanting to get away as soon as possible Hermione cleaned her hand, made sure there were no other shards and gave her a small plaster. Cecily muttered a small thanks when she had finished.

Pippa rose from her seat and looked at all of them with her chin in the air. "I will see you all at 11 o'clock sharp. Please come prepared for the selected activities." She told them, before leaving the vicinity.

Hermione took that as her cue to leave and did so without saying a word, Scorpius walking beside her happily. "Mummy, what time did Daddy come back last night?" He asked once they'd left the room.

"Very late, Scorp. Grandpa Lucius and Granny Narcissa took him to see a play which didn't end till close to midnight, then they had drinks back at the manor afterwards."

"Sounds like Daddy is probably sleepy."

Hermione smiled. "Most likely." She stopped, a cheeky grin spreading across her face. "Do you want to wake him up?"

Scorpius's eyes lit up as a similar mischievous grin spread across his face.


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