seven ~ fear

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The high from the coke George had done was beginning to wear off. His hands shook as Matty pulled him into a small apartment. It was relatively clean and covered in painting supplies.

George swore he could see little shadows out of the corners of his eyes, just waiting to creep up on him and destroy him.

" M-Matty I'm scared " George whimpered.

His hands shook as did his whole body. The shadows seemed to creep up on him.

" Georgie? George it's okay love just breathe "

The small man took George's face between his hands and stared into his eyes.

Matty's pupils were blown out, nearly covering the rich chocolate brown color of his eyes.

" Matty I can see them coming closer " George cried.

Matty begun to feel worried as the taller man backed himself into a corner.

Matty took out a cigarette and pushed it between the young boy's lips.

He lit the fag and murmured at George to inhale. George's face went from fear to calmness as the smoke permeated his lungs.

The poor boy looked horrible. Matty knew he shouldn't have given him coke but it's no fun doing it alone.

Matty also knew he should stop soon and he made a mental note to flush the rest of the white crystals tonight.

" C'mon George...lets get you to bed. "

The smaller man led George up to a room and laid him down. Matty laid next to George and sighed.

" Sleep love " Matty murmured.

George obeyed and fell asleep.


When George woke up the next morning the room was spinning. He sat up quickly which just added to the chaos traveling through his mind.

He ran to the bathroom and emptied the limited contents of his stomach into the loo.

George felt horrible. One thing was for sure, he was never going to do coke again under any circumstances.

He stood, rinsing out his mouth and returning to the unfamiliar room.

George stared at the sleeping Matty as his chest raised and fell slowly. The man looked so calm, his face void of any features and his mouth open as a gentle snore escaped him.

George decided to explore the apartment while Matty slept. He stepped out of the room into a hallway.

The place was relatively empty, just a few instruments and enough art supplies to last through an apocalypse.

George glanced at the half covered canvases, paint strewn about onto the white surfaces.

He didn't remember climbing up stairs but it seems that Matty's apartment was on the second or third floor of a quaint building.

Large windows replaced a huge wall, letting in a small amount of light as rain pattered onto the glass and raced down to the bottom.

A balcony covered in small plants and succulents was in view right outside of the glass wall.

George opened the fridge and pulled out a blueberry bagel, shoving it in his mouth right as the doorbell rang. He stared at the door, unsure of whether or not to finally answer it.

As the bell rang over and over again and Matty had yet to wake up, George finally went and answered the door hesitantly.

A guy stood there with his finger raised to press the doorbell again. He froze and stared at George in confusion.

He didn't say a word as anxiety blocked his throat from forming sounds.

" Are you Matt's new boy-toy or summat? " the man asked.

George blushed darker then a rose and a scowl covered his face hidden behind the bagel.

He stepped away and let the man inside, slamming the door shut behind him and grabbing his things. He began to leave.

" Where are ya goin kid? " the strange guy asked.

George bit into the bagel and ripped it away from his mouth.

" What's it to you? " he snarled, leaving the apartment and rushing down the stairs.

He escaped into the rainy streets and tried to find his way back to Ace's.


Hey guys! i made this chapter short bc i wanted to make the actually writing exactly 666 words long. ( in other words everything before this authors note is 666 words )

I'm sorry for not writing in so long. I've been extremely tired bc I work all night shifts at my job so i'm constantly tire. I hope you guys enjoyed this!

I love you all!

Xx ghxstlyxterrors

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