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Illiterate | Matty + George (discontinued) by SOMETHINREAL
Illiterate | Matty + George ( inactive
"What would you know? You're seventeen years old." "Christ, could you stop being so condescending?" "I don't know what that means." "...
tender-hearted (matty/george) by boydrools
tender-hearted (matty/george)by ??
in which george takes care of matty and everyone else notices
Summer Night Air // (Matty x George)  by pleasebenaked-
Summer Night Air // (Matty x pleasebenaked-
George takes a summer holiday with his parents, in which he falls in love with a curly haired boy who lives a few houses down. ----------------- This will probably be s...
Cheap Thrills by coldersongs
Cheap Thrillsby coldersongs
A collection of short stories/one-shot type things that I can't be bothered to make into full stories (Ryden and other fun things like that)
No Place Like Home (Matty Healy/George Daniel/Jesse Rutherford) by mikeymomoo
No Place Like Home (Matty Healy/ mikey
The 1975 have a week off touring, and Matty and George decide to spend it at home, with their shared loved one: Jesse.
but i'm A Boy! (Mrog) (Book 2) by SaintArcangelo
but i'm A Boy! (Mrog) (Book 2)by StArcangelo
The second book to but i'm a boy! (Joshler). And its Matty Healy and George Daniel I made Josh and Tyler the cover so people would be like well its not. Its the first bo...
seasons m.h.+g.d. by perfectstars
seasons cemetery gates
"I wasn't told you'd be this cold." George is hopelessly in love with Matty. Matty is hopelessly oblivious to this. That is, until he breaks up with his long...
easy as cake (Matty/George) by boydrools
easy as cake (Matty/George)by ??
"It's complicated." Gemma sighs. "It's really not, love." In which Matty is in love with George and George watches too much Nigella.
Exit Music by Mapofyourhead
Exit Musicby Mapofyourhead
"I- I made a deal," he states quietly as he looks at his feet, only managing to deepen George's still present frown. "A deal?" "A deal," Ma...
If It's Not With You by The1975SDMN
If It's Not With Youby Daisy
He hasn't always been like this, Matty. Once he was at peace with his soul and thought his way of life was one that would live on forever. Until age 30, he'd been in a b...
Fingernails (Mrog/Matty x George) by mikeymomoo
Fingernails (Mrog/Matty x George)by mikey
Matty doesn't know what's going on with gender, and George doesn't know anything except for how to smoke weed.
//Daddy Issues// ×mrog× by xkealy
//Daddy Issues// ×mrog×by facetious fake
Matty has an alcohol addiction. George is a kleptomaniac. They meet in the holding cells in county jail where they confess their life problems.
Bedside table (Mrog) by captain1crunch
Bedside table (Mrog)by Lovelovelovelove
Where nothing is as it seems, and Matty doesn't think he knows what love is. (This bitch is short so I'm sorry I just can't commit)