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A History [m.h.g.d.] by uoyerodai
A History [m.h.g.d.]by uoyerodai
Their relationship had been filled with its share of flippant and careless touches from the beginning, but Matty's hand on his back in the middle of the night meant some...
ever since you came into my life [MxG] by trumxnblxck__
ever since you came into my life [ trumxnblxck__
Matty always seemed to view life in black and white. Will a stranger manage to convert it into colour? Matty x George fic!!! band doesn't exist/different meeting AU (th...
Exit Music by Mapofyourhead
Exit Musicby Mapofyourhead
"I- I made a deal," he states quietly as he looks at his feet, only managing to deepen George's still present frown. "A deal?" "A deal," Ma...
easy as cake (Matty/George) by boydrools
easy as cake (Matty/George)by ??
"It's complicated." Gemma sighs. "It's really not, love." In which Matty is in love with George and George watches too much Nigella.
If It's Not With You by The1975SDMN
If It's Not With Youby Daisy
He hasn't always been like this, Matty. Once he was at peace with his soul and thought his way of life was one that would live on forever. Until age 30, he'd been in a b...
DRIVE LIKE I DO - m.h by musictowatchlanato
In 1984, Ireland a 16 year old Matty Healy is made transfer schools due to his parents financial issues to one of the rough test schools in the Dublin area - Synge Street
tender-hearted (matty/george) by boydrools
tender-hearted (matty/george)by ??
in which george takes care of matty and everyone else notices
When your silver is my gold by i-loveyoudontyoumind
When your silver is my goldby i-loveyoudontyoumind
"I sometimes wish I wasn't so hyper aware of everything. Or maybe it's not that, maybe it's overthinking but that doesn't mean I don't want it to stop." "...
P.S. Don't Write (George Daniel/Matty Healy) by hazzahowell
P.S. Don't Write (George Daniel/ keslie
george & matty's relationship told through matty's journal entries.
/ / R O B B E R S / / (Matty Healy/George Daniel) by SeraphStarshine
/ / R O B B E R S / / (Matty Starr
"Are you scared?" Ross asked Matty after they pulled up in front of the small shop, his dark eyes seeking Matty's out as he leaned on the door in preparation. ...
Shape Of You by coldersongs
Shape Of Youby coldersongs
The only thing more beautiful than art is those who create it. Matty Healy/ George Daniel
Bows (Matty Healy/George Daniel) by healymaddy
Bows (Matty Healy/George Daniel)by // you're alive //
Matty loves wearing bows in his hair. They make him feel cute and loved. Are they enough to save him from himself, though? Lots of friendship and cuddles!!