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Scorpio Male

He is a man of power in your life. He might be your boss, the one whose desk you want to spread out across. He might be the police officer you want "frisking" you. Needless to say, he is the man holding all your cards...or cuffs. The Scorpio male can take one look at you, bore deep into your soul and know how to make you want him and do anything he asks, all without lifting a finger. Right out of a romance novel, he is mysterious and intense. Everything about him screams power: his emotions, his attitude and more importantly, his sexuality. The Scorpio male is a walking magnet and there is no fighting the attraction.

Scorpios do not fall in love at first sight but when they do he won't be able to get enough. He will want nothing but you both emotionally and physically, day and night. Consequently, the Scorpio man is one of the most impressive love-makers in the zodiac. Sexually, his passion in bed is unmatched and could be describe as soulful. The man could last for hours with proper stimulation and will use each minute to fulfil any fantasy you may have and more. When you have a sexual relationship with a Scorpio, there is no need for a gym membership. You will feel that delicious work out burn when you wake up every morning after a night with him.

Toying with a Scorpio male isan unwise move. Throw the games out the window. This means no playing on their jealous nature or anything that will put them on the defensive. They do not forgive and forget, their sting will be vindictive and he will destroy your core.

Scorpio Female

She is the most explosive sign in the zodiac. Her intensity can really only be matched by the fire signs of the zodiac but even there she gives them a run for their money. She is fierce both emotionally and physically but is not one to toy with at all. You play games and she will win. She will win and leave you in the corner crying for your momma. 
There is no room to maneuver, for a Scorpio woman it either is or it isn't. Are you ready for her, really ready? Once you enter her arena, you don't leave unless she tells you to. She is just like the arachnid that represents her; rub her the wrong way, threaten her or her surroundings and you are dead where you stand.

She is full of finesse and mystery. Your Scorpio is an enthralling woman with a very strong A-type personality. She is just the right level of challenge and gives you just the right amount of rewards. Scorpio's are both highly emotional and highly intuitive. This gives her the uncanny ability to sniff out bullshit the second it is thought. Save yourself the time, save yourself the embarrassment and keep it real when you approach your Scorpion queen.

Scorpio women are both fire and ice. She expects you to give 100% and is more than capable of matching you tit for tat. By now if you have had a few dates with her you understand what I mean by intensity and passion. You find yourself falling deep for a woman you may barely know but she is so very captivating you don't care. Once she knows she has you, she is going to want all of you. You've now engaged a sensual and possessive lover who will want you both body and soul. She will love you with the same intensity she carries herself with. Just hold on tight, she will take care of you.

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