Nanny Kim

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Nanny Kim walks in with a big purse in her hand. She plops her fat butt down on our rocking chair and motions for T and I to sit.

"So girls how is your cheerleading going?" Nanny Kim asks in her British accent. Some of it has gone away since she has moved to New Jersey.

"Good" I simply say and Tianna nods.

"Good. I see that you got some dogs."

"Yeah, um, Pumpkin is a Pugle, Shane is a Papillion, and Uggs is a Chow Chow."

"Oh, yes Shane is very... Loud." Nanny Kim says in disgust.

"I'm gonna go watch TV now." Tianna puts in.

"No your not missy. Neither of you are going anywhere until you do your chores." Nanny Kim says sternly.

Tianna and I both roll our eyes. She stomps upstairs to make he bed and clean her room while I lazily walk in to the kitchen. I remove the child safety lock from the cleaning materials cabinet and grab the glass clean and a paper towel.

I hurry up and clean all of the windows downstairs and up and report back to Nanny Kim with Tianna.

"Now girls you can go get on your modern technology while I read the paper until your mother returns."

"Thanks Nanny Kim." Tianna says and skips upstairs. I follow and walk into my room.

My gold IPhone 5c is plugged in so I pull it out and ask Siri to FaceTime Gianna. It's easier that way. She answers on the first ring.

"Hey" I simply say.

"Sup. Are you excited for Twinkles?"

"Beyond!" I squeal.

"Your house seems quiet."

"Yeah my mom wasn't feeling well. She has been throwing up a lot and Nanny Kim is here."

"Uh, that old thing. I remember when I came over that one time and she was there. She made us do chores before using our "modern technology.""

"I know she sucks. But it's only 'cause my dad isn't here."

"Yeah, I bet it's tough."

"Yeah it is. He's missing my birthday, again. But he left me this necklace that says Twinkles on it. And I'm inviting the while to my party in two weeks!"

"Awesome we will get to celebrate your birthday and have some team bonding."

"Yeah it's the perfect idea!" The garage made a sound underneath my feet.

"Got to go my mom's home."

"K. Tell her that I hope she feels better."

"K. Bye."


I end the FaceTime and throw my phone onto my pillow. I dash towards the stairs and collide with Tianna. She laughs but I keep running.

"Mama!" I squeal.

"Hi girls. Thanks for watching them Nanny Kim but I need you to leave now."

"My pleasure goodbye." Nanny Kim says and walls out of the door.

"Come on girls we need to have a family meeting."

Uh oh family meeting are always bad. Daddy's leaving, I failed a test, Tianna got put in time out.

"I..." Mama started.

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