Am I A Twinkle Girl?

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I pushed Tianna through the gym door. She was shaking and I just rolled my eyes at her. Tianna knew that she was going to make Twilights so I didn't know what her problem was.

"T your fine. What's the matter?"

"I don't want to mess up..." she said as her voice cracked.

"Don't even think about crying." I tell her sternly. "If you mess up, so what, you'll still make Twilights. Now go in and get your number. I'll be in the viewing room. Mom's in the car 'cause she can't come in. I love you T."

Tianna nodded her head and walked into the gym. I let out a deep breath. 4 year olds are so dramatic. I started walking towards the viewing room when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Coach Dana. I smiled a nervous smile at her. What did she want from me? Did she know that I wanted to be a Twinkle?

"Can you help with the Tiny and Mini tryouts please. I need someone to spot the future Twilights."

"Sure." I simply say and follow Coach Dana in to the gym.

I help lead stretches and then I work with the Tiny group the hole time. Tianna is in my group, but I'm not allowed to help her. Tiny and MIni tryouts go by fast and then it hits me that I'm about to go to Youth tryouts.

I escort Tianna into the viewing room and tell her to behave. She gives me a hug and wishes me luck.

I walk onto the levels 4 and 5 stretching mat and plop down behind Andrea and Gianna.

"Hey G and Drea!" I say to announce my presense.

"Hey Arista! Are you pumped to tryout for Twinkles with us?" Gianna asks.

"Yep and I'm hoping to cross to Starlites."

"Us too!" Andrea and Gianna squeal in unison.

Coach Chrissy walks to our floor and has the one and only Justin Gonzalez lead our stretching. This isn't really a big deal to our crew though because G, Drea, and I know Justin as a big brother.

After stretching all three of us are put in the same group and head off the to the choreography station first. We breeze through three eight counts of dance motions and turn our facials on while Coach Chrissy watches us.

Next we go over to the Stunt Stand station for flyers and pull our body positions. All of mine are hyper extended and I never fall off.

Next we go to the tumbling and jump station. I do a perfect quad to tuck and then a standing half. I land everything. Now I am standing in the corner, about to do the hardest tumbling pass that I can

do. I do a round-off, double handspring, double whip, handspring full.

When I stand up Coach Chrissy smiles at me. Then I go cool down and wall out to the lobby. Gianna invites Andrea, Tianna, and I into the coaches room since her mom an grandma own the gym. We have to wait until the juniors and seniors are done with tryouts before we know our team placements.

To pass time we come up with a routine while T naps on the couch. I make some music using Splice and put together different songs with voice overs and sound effects.

After about an hour and a half our friend, Nikki Ray, comes in and videos our routine. We jump, stunt, and tumble perfectly and then hear a bull horn call everyone into the gym.

I pick up Tianna and she stays asleep. I start shaking while I walk into the gym.

The girls an I get a front row seat in front of the coaches.

"Your 2013-2014 Twilight team is..." Coach Dana announces. A bunch of names are called until I here Tianna's name and I carry her up to the front.

A bunch of other teams are said and then Little Dippers was over. It's Twinkle time!

"This year's Twinkle team is..."

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