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"I..." My mom started. I could tell that she was nervous. This must be bad.

"I am having a baby." my mom said and her voice cracked.

I stated at her in awe. Another? It's tough enough for me with Tianna and now another. She'll be better though. Or is it a he?

Tianna shrieks. "A little sister!"

"Or brother." mom adds. "I don't know yet."

"I have the perfect name for a boy and it goes with our Disney name theme!" Tianna says with excitement in her voice. "It's Flynn Thomas Anntello."

"I like it!" my mom says.

I sit there quiet. Of course I'm excited, but I'm more speechless at the moment. Then I remember.

"I thought about having another little sister two years ago. I thought about names a lot and came up with one. Kiara Daneese Anntello. Like Kiara from the Lion King II." I blurt out.

I guess I'm excited and eager about this baby. I was very hesitant about Tianna coming. I had just turned six and before that it was all about me. Tianna will now be a little left out an I will probably get no attention.

"Awe that's adorable. So it's settled. If it's a boy his name will be Flynn and if it's a girl it will be Kiara." my mom says and then smiles.

"Did you tell daddy?" I ask.

"Yes. I was able to reach him on the way home. he was very excited and talked to his boss. Daddy will be coming home a week before the baby is due."

"When is that?" Tianna asks.

"We don't know yet. I just got you girls all excited but you both have your first practices in the morning so you need your rest."

"Ok mom." Tianna says.

"Goodnight." I add and follow Tianna upstairs.

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