Chapter 3

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Why am I so depressed all of a sudden?

Skylar left three years ago.

Why did I just break down all of sudden?

Why can't I be happy again?

This all happened in a little amount of time.



Why can't you just be home with the family?

I miss you.

Please be safe.

My thoughts were interupted when my phone started ringing. I looked away from the mirror that I had been staring in for about 20 minutes. My stomach growled trying to get my attention that I am hungry. I just don't feel like trying.

I picked up my phone to see an unknown number calling me.

"Hello?" I answered tiredly.

"Danika McKathe?" the unknown voice answered.


"Is your mother around?"

"Who is this?" I asked impatiently.

"It's about your brother." the voice said shakily.

I ran downstairs desperatley looking for my mom.

"MOM? Someone needs to talk to you on the phone!" I yelled throughout the house

My mom walked into the kitchen, where I had been standing for a few minutes.

"Who is it?" she whispered to me.

"It's about Skylar." I whispered back.

And at that she quickly picked up the phone. As she was talking to the person on the phone I dazed out. Thoughts ran through my head. My thoughts were interupted as I heard my mom start sobbing. Skylar isn't ok. A tear ran down my face.

I ran out of the kitchen up to my room.

I jumped onto my bed as I started to sob into my pillow.

He isn't ok.

Skylar, you lied.

I want to apologize for having such short chapters.

Please don't hate me.

I love you all.

Stay Strong

- M.R.

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