Chapter Three Breakfast and Harry's House

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I open my eyes slowly and look around the room to try and find Harry but he is gone.

I smell the aroma of bacon and chocolate coming from the kitchen.And I notice that my bedroom door is wide open which now I can see Harry making pancakes, my favorite.

"Morning Sam" his voice makes me jump he didn't even look up from the stove.

I groan a climb out of bed to see that I'm not wearing any pants. " I don't remember taking my pants off" I think to myself. I looked around my side of the bed to try and find my shorts to find that they were neatly folded on Harrys side of the bed. I smile,  "Cheeky"I say to myself and pick up the pants and slip them on.

I walk out of my room and sit down on a bar chair in front if the counter were Harry is.

I rub my eyes and my vision cleared and I noticed that Harry was shirtless,  my eyes widened.

"I don't remember you being shirtless last night" I say trying not to smile.

"I got hot during the night" he says flipping a pancake.

"I guess that still doesn't explain why I was pants less when I woke up" I say with a smirk

Harry drops the spatula in shock and then looks up at me with his wide green eyes.

"It's not what you think Sam, I went to the bathroom this morning and I saw that you left your shorts in there so is just folded them and put them on your bed I swear I didn't take them off you" He says  shaking.

I smile knowing that he didn't want me to get the wrong idea about what happened but I have to tease him anyway.

"Okay I trust you" I say grabbing a piece of bacon.

"Now after you eat how about we start packing up your boxes, okay?"he says picking up the spatula.

Yeah and we can dance to some music too" I say grabbing a pancake sand walking into my room to change.

I didn't want to look classy so I will just put on some jean shorts and a jean jacket with a  british flag Crop top underneath I didn't look too done up but still cute.

I walk out of my room and plug in my phone to the boom box on the shelf and set a playlist.

I hit play and it started playing Midnight Memories I smiled at Harry and began to pick up a box.

"Come on muscle man put on a shirt and help me" I shout half way out the door, I hear a groan from the I side of the apartment then a giggle from Haz.

I walk out of the apartment building door and unlock my truck to put the boxes in. I hear the door open again and see Harry put 3 boxes in the back of my truck.He breathes heavy and looks at me.

"Only 16 to go" Harry says winking and walking back to the building and I follow after him discreetly checking out his bum. He did have a nice ass especially in thoughs jeans.


After putting the last box and says goodbye to my sister who was screaming out of the window I climbed into my truck and Harry got into his car and we set off to his house.

I followed after his car for about 15 minutes and then we arive to his massive house.

"This bitch better have a pool" I think to myself climbing out of the truck.

I follow Harry to his front door still discreetly looking at his lower regions. He opens the door and my jaw drops. He has a humongous movie room with only one large bed in the middle.  He has a pool the size of my sisters apartment and a kitchen the size of my room.

Of course being myself the first thing I checked out was the fridge,  I opened the door and saw nothing but protein shakes. I am not surprised with a nice body like his he needs to keep healthy.


3 hours later we got all of the boxes inside.I flopped on the leather couch in his tv room and turned on the TV.

" So do you wan to see your room" Harry says with a suspicious smirk on his face.

"Sure" I say getting up and grabbing a bag of my clothes.

I follow Harry up the stairs and down what seems countless  hallways and guest rooms and I'm wondering why he doesn't just let me pick a room.

As we finally stop at a door he says "Here is your room"

I open the door my mouth and my bag drops in amazement.  I have never seen a bed so big. I couldn't help my self so I ran in and jumped on the bed.

I barried face in the covers and breathed in and out.  The sheets smelled like Harry was this his room?

" Is this you room Haz?" I say lifting my head up.

"Yeah I thought you would be more safe with me and I think your kinda used to sleeping with me in bed aren't you" he says showing his famous dimples.

I blush, I have a feeling he like me in his arms too I need to tell him I like him I know he knows he likes me but I can't keep my feelings in anymore.

I roll over on my back, "Haz, I really need to tell you something"

"What are you on your period or something? "

This bitch. ..

"No listen we have know each other for a while now right?"

"Right" he says getting a little worried.

"I think I like you Haz" I say my voice trembling.

Harry looks up at my a smiles a wide a the Cheshire cat.

"Thank god" he says jumping on the bed

"What- before I finish my sentence he smashed his lips onto mine and grabs the back of my neck with one hand and with the other holds onto my waist pulling me closer in till his chest touches mine.

I wraps hands around his neck and kiss back.

He bites my lip right before he slips his tongue into my mouth I didn't hesitate to do the Same. He starts rubbing his hands up and down my back, which makes my body tingle.

We explore each other's mouths our bodies moving in sink. Harry slowly takes off my shirt and......

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