Chapter 18

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Taylor's POV

Within 25 minutes I've managed small talk, a few song lyrics, and a lot of day dreaming which can also be categorized with nightmares. by the time we reached the movies, I was another mini tornado. I seriously need to get my mind off of him. Him. Ahh I need to shut my mind off now. The only problem with that was the fact he was a few feet away from me


I watch like a deer in headlights as Ryan mutters to the group and walks away. I stood there in the middle of the movie theater starring. As Ryan walked farther and farther away from me. My feet began to move, they began to Ryan in the direction of Ryan. I tried to pull the brakes, maybe actually I didn't. I needed Ryan, I really did I was in live with him.

"Ryan wait" I called when he was close enough, he was faster then me so it was pretty impossible to catch up, even though he wasn't running.

Like I thought he kept walking.

"Ryan please wait, please." I speak more to myself then him.

Nothing. Again.

We are out of the movie theater by now and I'm starting to grow scared he really will leave. I thought I had him. I thought I loved him enough. And then I realize,not only do I love him enough he loves me.

"Ahh," I grimace landing on the summer night temperature concrete. While fake falling I managed to actually scrap my knee and potentially hurt my ankle, cause damn it hurts. But it's all worth it as I watch the adorable person Ryan has grown to be whip around, eyes full if concern, he is by my side in seconds.

"What happened? Are you ok? Oh my god this is all my fault." He panics running his hand through he hair. I'm sitting on by butt with my knees bent and out in front of me. Ryan is one his hands and knees by my side his eyes looking down at me.

"No it's not, I'm perfectly fine." I smile up at him try to get rid of his worries.

"Are you sure, I-I can call someone, taking you to the hospital. Anything for you Tay, just tell me." Ryan continues.

"I need you and I always will, I love you so much Ryan." Before letting him respond I reach up and kiss him. God it feel like it's been forever.

" we still need to talk, but there is no way I'm letting you go." He breaks the kiss only to start again.


"Let's go watch the movie." I suggest. We've been outside for at least 30 minutes and the movie started 10 minutes ago. My head has been resting in Ryan's lap as we small talk.

"Yea sure," Ryan says lifting my head. He gets up first and puts his arm out for me to grab. As he lifts me up I wince. Geez my ankle.

Ryan immediately notices, " you are hurt? I thought you were faking so is turn around."

"You know me too well" I giggle " that was my plan but being the klutz that I am." I point to my ankle.

"I see, well I'm not letting you or your injuries keep me from the movies." he jokes dropping my hand.

"I'm pretty sure it's a chick flick" I struggle to stand.

"My favorite." Ryan walks towards the door, " aren't you coming?" He smirks "oh yea, you got hurt trying to trick me."

"It worked," I smile

"This time," he walks over scooping me up.


We sit in the theater seats, Ryan's arm around me, and my mind wanders to where it always does :

I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

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