Chapter 8 - So i gave some crappy advice

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He walked in and there are butterflies in my stomach and try as I might I can't keep the huge grin off my face. Instead of switching on the lights like I had expected him to, he let out a groan and pulled somebody's hand to drag them inside the room. The two of them started kissing furiously as Todd pushed the brunette against the wall just like he had done to me in the bathroom last year. They paused for a second as Todd ripped her top off and then continued making out, unsuspecting that I was in bed watching them. The light from the hallway illuminated their bodies as Todd removed the slut's skirt and his shirt was on the floor.

I heard something break. Waves of horror and despair moved through me as I wondered what it was and then I realised what. It was my heart breaking into two. I felt something wet on my cheeks. I felt them and found that they were tears. Tears of sadness and anger as my eyes witnessed the scene in front of them. I felt like I was in a daze, frozen in shock.

As Todd's hands moved towards her bra clasp, I snapped out of my daze and my hands flew to my mouth as i let out a strangled sob. This caused Todd's hands to freeze as I decided I had enough and I got off the bed. He turned on the lights as the slut whimpered at the loss of contact with my boyfriend.

Todd stared at me in shock while I put on a blank face even though the tears streamed down my face.

'I - I,' he stuttered, ' It's not what it looks like.'

I can't believe he said that after what I saw. I know that's the usual line that is always said when a person catches their one true love cheating. At least I thought it was love.

I stared at him, mustering all the disgust I could into the look I was giving him. ' You, know something Todd?' I asked him my words laced with pain and fury. ' What you just said? Ya, the '"it's not what it looks like" thing? That's as bad as "it's not you, it's me". ' The brunette, who had been quiet all this time, moaned, asking Todd to ditch me and come back to her. An image of her and Todd lying naked on the bed flashed through my head as I realised if I hadn't interrupted they would have done the deed. Suddenly, I lost it. The shield of calmness that I had been wearing broke as I screamed in rage and ran at the slut, attacking her.

I straddled the bitch, slapping her repeatedly as she squealed, helplessly. Todd yelled at me telling me to stop so he could 'explain' but for some reason this only made me angrier as it scraped the brunette's face with my nails.

' That's my boyfriend!!' I screamed at her pulling her hair, sobbing. ' You bitch! Get a life of your own! Or go fuck yourself!'

I felt arms under my armpits as Todd pulled me away from her. I fought against him wanting to pull her hair or slap her one more time.

'Sandra, please leave,' Todd commanded.

'Whatever,' the bitch huffed as she she gathered her clothes and left in her bra and underwear. Slut.

My knees gave out and I fell to the floor in a messy heap. I rocked myself trying to comfort myself sobbing loudly.

Todd sighed, sadness in his voice. ' I- I'm....'

'Why?' I asked him in an eerily quiet voice. ' Why would You do that to me?' Aren't you happy with me?'

' No, Quinn!' He almost shouted as he looked at me as if I was crazy ,' Goddamnit, you make me very happy. I got sexually frustrated and -'

I looked at him, waiting for it.

''Im sorry.' He finished looking deep into my eyes, his eyes mirroring mine as they showed me fright and despair. Despair over what he did. Fright over losing me.

' I can't do this anymore, Todd,' I whispered as I got to my feet. A tear fell from Todd's eye. ' Did you really expect me to forget about it and continue like nothin happened?' He shook his head. ' I was gonna give it to you, you know, tonight?' He took my appearance in as if now only realising what I was wearing as he let out a groan. I pulled on my clothes hurriedly over the lingerie sobbing the whole time.

' We are done, Todd,' my heart clenched at my words. ' I can't trust you and you know how important trust is to me.' I walked to the door, my heart squeezing at every step I took. I turned around to look at him, ignoring the hope in his eyes and I threw him his keys. Once again ignoring the hurt that overpowered the hope in his eyes, I whispered,' happy anniversary.' With that I walked towards the door again, my hand stopping at the handle when he spoke.

' Please, Quinn,' he sounded so broken. I resisted the urge to jump into his arms as I sobbed harder and louder. 'I love you.'

That was all it took. I let out a strangled mix between a whimper and a sob and ran out of the house my hand clamped tight over my mouth, trying to cease my crying.

Two days later

I rushed towards the crowd in the hallway, my heart thudding loudly. The students made way for me as I made my way to the front and screamed at the scene in front of me.

Todd was on the floor, blood pouring from his nose, clearly unconscious. Jeremy was standing above him fury still evident in his eyes. I ran to him and hugged him as I tight as I could crying loudly into his shirt. He held me sadly as he comforted me.

End of flashback

I hadn't realised I had started crying until I heard Jeremy's voice soothing me as he patted my back.

' It's alright, Quinn.' He cooed in my ear causing me to giggle through my tears. He chuckled. ' he's gone. He can't hurt you, I promise.'

It was true. After Jeremy broke his nose that was the last we heard of Todd. After a few minutes I had calmed down and Jeremy spoke.

' So, what did you want to speak to me about, if it wasn't about stupid boys who don't have balls?' I rolled my eyes at his oh so nice term to call my ex-boyfriends as I remembered the reason why we were in the hallway with three minutes more for lunch to finish.

I really didn't want to tell him that Jules liked him right now. I can't be so abrupt to him especially now. And I don't think I ever should just tell him like that. So instead I sighed.

'Look, Jeremy,' I looked at him seriousness lacing my voice. ' You may not know it, but you are hurting some people without even knowing it.' He opened his mouth to talk but I cut him off. ' I know, I know you don't know what I'm talking about but it's important that you reconsider your every move from now on.' The bell rang and I bid him goodbye, him looking puzzled at what I just said.

Okay, so I know I gave some crap advice which even I can't figure the meaning of but I want to help him and Jules without hurting either of them. And while thinking about Todd I realised I would probably have hurt Jules if I just blurted out that she likes Jeremy.

I sighed. I think I'm gonna skip the rest of school today. It has been a loong day and I was tired. Stupid Mondays.


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