Death Tolls Upon Me

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      Paranoia,a condition of mental stress or delusions. I bet everyone has experienced this feeling. I feel it everyday but this time it felt like my first time experiencing this or the last. I tried to end my life a few times but I couldn't bring myself to do it. That was because I thought everything that is worth living for. But now.....death tolls upon me.


        I always thought I could get through this but now I don't know anymore. Beep,beep,beep. A familiar sound I hear in my head. I woke up and see that I'm on a bed and my sister sleeping on a chair beside me. Beep,beep. I looked to the side and saw the heart monitor beeping. I always liked the sound it makes. Oh,she's waking up. "Your awake."She said with relief. "I told you not to bring me to the hospital if I faint. It wastes money." I tell her. "But this time you were bleeding." "What?!"I say with shock. "Yeah,in the mouth.". I thought of the vision that I just had. This time I saw myself died. Is this just a step towards my death? Knock,knock. The doctor knocks on the door. "May I come in?" He asks. "Sure."I reply.
"It looks like that you do not suffer any internal injuries but you should get more sleep,Max."He explains. "Like I'll go through that again."I say under my breath. "I just want what's best for you,Max. You've been here many times. You should look out for your health."He says to make me feel better. Nina then hit me in the head. "Ow!"I say. "Don't worry doctor,I'll make sure he takes care of his health or I will." She says while giving me a glare. Nina has always been like this. She always tries to take care of me even though I should be the one taking care of her. "You are free to go,Max. Take care." The doctor says to me. "Here are your clothes, I'll wait for you outside." She says. I take my clothes out of the bag and head to the bathroom to change. I wear my jeans and then put on my grey t-shirt. Then putting on my brown jacket. I fix my hair a little bit and I didn't forget to put on my digital watch that my dad gave to me. I check the time and see that it's 12:53 in the afternoon. I grab the bag and exited the room. I then felt something dripping on my face. It was blood. I look up and saw ...
nothing. The blood also disappeared,I acted like it was nothing because I thought it was just my imagination. I always feel like I am being watched by someone. Like that person is waiting for something. I exited the hospital and met up with my sister. "Hey,you okay?"she asks with concern. "It's okay. No need to worry." I say to calm her down. We started walking back home and then I stopped at a store. "Hey,why did you stop?"Nina asked. I stopped near a candy store and said "Hey you want to go in there and buy some candy?" I asked her. I knew how much Nina loved candy and I thought this could cheer her up. "I'm not 5,Max and we shouldn't waste money." She says. "A few dollars won't hurt." I said as I handed her 2 dollars. She smiled and took the money from my hands. "Make sure to buy me a lollipop. Lemon is my favorite!" I inform."Alright!"she says as she dashes into the store like a child. I watched her from the outside as she struggles to pick a candy to buy. "Hey."I was alerted by a voice behind me.
I look behind me and see my friend, Nick. "Sup." He says as he raises his hand. I never thought I would have any friends but somehow I did and Nick was one of them. "Hey Nick, funny meeting you here."I say. "I know,so what are you doing here?"he questions. "I'm buying candy with my sister."I explain. "It looks like she's the one that's buying."he jokes. "What are you doing here?"I question back. "I'm not telling you."he says. "Huh?" I say. "Just kidding,I went to buy food and the usual stuff."he explains. "Oh."I say with a little laugh. Nick can sometimes be a joker. I look back in the store to check on my sister. I see the glass was covered in blood and I saw someone walking towards it. It was Nina and she was covered in blood and full of wounds. "Brother."she says with a weak voice. "Why didn't you protect me?"she says through the glass. I take a few steps back in fear and I noticed that I was on the road. I saw a car coming towards me and....
Nick pulled me to safety. "Woah, don't die on me man."he says. I heard the door opening and my sister coming out of the store. I look at the store and it was normal. "Hey bro,I bought your lemon lollipop."she says as she hands it to me. I was still traumatized from the experience I just had. "Hey earth to Max,you okay?"She says and snapping me back to reality. "Oh,thanks."I say while I grab the lollipop. "Oh,hey Nick. Didn't see you there."she says as she shakes Nick's hand. "Hey."he says. "Sorry but we have to go now." Nina says. "Yeah me too". He responds. We started parting ways with Nick and waving him goodbye. "Is there something wrong with Max?" I hear Nick saying under his breath. I wish I didn't.


      It's midnight, Nina is sleeping upstairs and I follow the same routine I always do. I was watching television with coffee on the table next to me. Then the television started to act funny and then it turned to static. "Oh,come on!"I say in frustration. I turned off the television and tried to do something else. I tried to work on a story that I was writing. I couldn't concentrate on it but now I wanted tried to do it. I worked on it for a while than I started to feel sleepy. My eyes couldn't open anymore.
       I shook my head and try to shake it off. I then picked up my cup, full of coffee and started drinking it. I then felt pain in my mouth and stomach. I spitted out the coffee and only saw blood. In the reflection of the blood I saw myself with my eyes missing. I panicked and ran to the kitchen to wash of the blood. I rinsed my mouth many times to make sure the blood is gone. After rinsing my mouth,I tried to think what was going on. I then saw my reflection on a window. There was something off about my reflection. I walked towards the mirror with caution. I looked closely and it looked like there was something around my neck. I looked really closely and it looked like a piece of rope. I then realized,what it was and I saw a dark figure approaching me in the reflection. I looked back and saw no one. It looked like it was tightening the rope. "No."I say with a weak voice. The figure then turned it's head to me! I tried to run but I couldn't move my legs. The figure then started reaching for me and it's hand going out of the reflection in the window. It slowly reached for me and I couldn't run. It's hand then reached my neck. It started tightening it's grip,just like the rope. "Your time has come."
    "Aah!"I screamed softly. I look around and see the television still on and fine. I was sitting on my couch with my coffee on the table. "I must've slept for a while."I say in relief. It was just a dream .....or was it?

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