Dark Anxiety

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        Anxiety attacks, you can tell that I suffer them a lot. I think it's hard to lose anxiety easily. But you always rely on someone else to console you. I don't have anyone. Do you even tell anyone about your anxiety? I think my dark anxiety is about to begin.

                                                                     Saturday, 11:00p.m.

I can't wrap my head around this, why... why is this happening? How can I make it stop? *click* I hear the door opening and Dr.Chase comes in. "Hmm, I don't know how you just keep ending up here, Max." He says while at a file. "As I can see here you really don't have any sickness. So, what really is wrong with you, Max?" He says curiously. Should I tell him? Maybe he can help or he will think I'm nuts. There's no harm in telling him.... right? I told Dr.Chase everything wrong about me. "Hm, I see." He says and nods. "Perhaps it's anxiety?". Ah, he doesn't believe me. "Oh." I say with disappointment. "May I leave?" I ask. "Of course but are you sure you want to leave this late in the hour?" He asks with worry. "Don't worry, I will be fine." I say. As I leave the room I can hear the doctor mumbling something under his breath. "I think I've heard of it before." He mumbled.

As I was walking back home, I couldn't help but feel uneasy. Why do I feel like I'm being watched? What was that vision about? So many questions. *Ring!!* Oh, my phone. It's Nina. I'm guessing she's worried about me. I answer the phone. "Where are you!!" She screams. "I'm on my way home.". "Why didn't you wait for me!!" She screams again. "What if you get into another accident?". She's worried about me. "Don't worry I'll be fine." I say. "You! ... just make it home safely, okay?" *beep* she hung up. She cares for me. All I want, is to protect her but it feels like she's protecting me. "Max?". I hear a voice coming behind me. It's Nick. "What are you doing this late?" He asks. "I could ask the same to you." I reply. "I had to work late,you?" He says. Apparently Nick has a part-time job. "Hospital." I say. "Again?!" He says with surprise. "How many times must you end up there?". "I don't know." I say with a shrug. I look at him and I see him wearing a black jacket with a black shirt underneath. He must like black. I see that he's wearing a steel watch on his right wrist and a backpack. "Well, we better get going." I say. "Yeah, we should." He says. "Take care." He says as he turns his back. "Yeah, you too." I say. I continued walking back home. Not shortly after, "Ah!". What is this headache? Then a figure stands in front of me. It was tall and hooded. What the... It hurts. Like a bullet just entered my skull. It then pointed behind me. I look behind but saw nothing. Huh? It's gone. The figure is gone. What just happened? What did it want? This just won't end.

11:20 p.m.

"I'm home." I say. .... It feels eerily quiet. Where's Nina? I look around downstairs but I see no trace of her. Is she upstairs? I go upstairs and approach her room. I open her bedroom door and see that she's not in bed. Where is she? I suddenly felt a sharp gaze behind me. *Bam!* A sudden strong tackle makes me fall to the ground. I look back and see that it's... Nina!? "Nina, what are you doing?" I say trying to get an explanation. "Punishment." She says in a soft voice. Is it because I made her worry? What is this soft sensation on my back? Oh.... I better not say anything. "Can you let go of me?" I say to her trying to make her let go. "If I let you go, you must promise to do what I say. What is this, am I a pawn? Her grip around me suddenly gets tighter. "Ow, ow! Alright, I promise." I said as I was being crushed. She lets go of me. "So, what is it?" I say curiously. "Tomorrow, you're going to school with me." She says with a grin. ...."What?"

11.23 p.m.

"Hm, I know it's here somewhere." The doctor says. "Is this it?" He says as he pulls out a file from the drawer. "Ah, here it is." He says as he reads the file. "Family murdered. Father kills mother, son kills father. Insane father, claiming his wife cheated on him. Son, sole survivor of the family." He reads. I tightly grip the bat around my hands in rage. "Father kills mother with hand gun while son stabs father with knife." He just keeps on reading. "What is this, this is horrible." He says. He calls it horrible, well I don't blame him. "Is someone there?" He says. ...."Hm, looks like it's nothing. What's this? The father of the father also claims to see deaths as well. The father and son-." "Enough!!". "Huh?" *tfft!* "Too bad it's not your time yet. If not I would've dealt with you differently. He must not know, not yet."

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