My Cursed Gift

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God hates me.If there is one,if not the devils below gave me this torment.'Stay awake, don't go to sleep' I repeat​ myself that over and over,every night to stay awake and avoid myself to dreaming all those horrible deaths.Like I said,god hates me.My parents died when I was 8,I almost have no money and some of that money I have to use it to buy myself medicine to stay awake.My name is Maxwell Reed,I'm 17 and I have a cursed gift.

Thursday 10:00p.m.

I check my watch and see that it's only 10:00p.m.I watch the TV but there is nothing to watch."Hey brother,there's nothing to eat.Can you buy something?"I look at my sister as she says that.My sister,Nina.She was adopted by my parents.
She's 2 years younger than me.She was 6 when my parents died.Can you imagine?She lost her parents twice.I cannot imagine,what she's going through.But now she's 15 and grown up."Yeah, sure"I reply as I get off the couch.I take my wallet and see that there's only 63 dollars in there.I walk to a convenience store near our house.We have a car but no license,I have a bike but I prefer to walk because it's nearby and it also kills time.I arrive at the store at 10:07.I enter the store and buy some bread,instant noodles and other cheap stuff.It all costed 8 dollars and as the cashier was scanning the food,I noticed a blinking street light.The light then turned off and I saw a dark hooded figure standing there.I couldn't understand what I was seeing and how it got there.It then moved it's hand and pointed at me!When it pointed at me I felt like time and my heart stopped.I felt fear and started seeing people bodies hanged at the top of the store."But I'm not asleep."I say."Sir,sir!"I heard the cashier calling me and I come back to reality.I look at the street light and it was no longer off."That will be 8 dollars,cash or credit?".I pay for the stuff and went back home.
"I'm back."I say to inform my sister.I look at the living room and she's not there.I put the food in the kitchen and go to search my sister.I look in her room and there she was sleeping.I went to close the lamp near her bed and then she grabbed my shirt."Can you sleep with me this time,Max?"she says."I'm sorry Nina,not now.""But I never see you sleep.".I pat her on the head and say "It's okay,go to sleep now."I leave her room and went down to the living room. I sit down on the couch and watch some TV.I watched it until 1:45 late at night.I started feeling drowsy and I went to the kitchen to make some coffee.I made the coffee and poured it into my cup.I went back to the couch and tried to drink the coffee.But for some reason,it felt like my body wasn't letting me raise my cup.I started feeling sleepy and then I closed my eyes.
I started seeing deaths and torture.I tried to wake up but I couldn't.I turned my back and see a familiar face.I went towards it to see who it was and then he was killed, right in front of me.I check to see who's face it was and then the face I saw.......was mine.
My name is Maxwell Reed.And now I'm going to die.

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