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Prévention ! A lire ! Urgent !  by _TheCrazyTwins_
Prévention ! A lire ! Urgent ! by CrazyTwins
À lire impérativement ! Urgent ! Au sujet des histoires sur Wattpad !
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Articles, Poems, & Guest Posts - Support Group Book by SayNoToAbuse
Articles, Poems, & Guest Posts - Say No To Abuse Support Group
Welcome to our page. Our aim is to help and support victims of abuse. Does your friend/family or any one you know need help? Please feel free to message us. We have inc...
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Acne problem?  by bettlebee
Acne problem? by QweenBij✨👑
Do you have acne/any bitch growing on your face? Are you searching an easier way/ organic/ natural ways to probably heal that shit? Are you broke asf (like me) or just...
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Best Medical Information by laibakhurram
Best Medical Informationby Laiba Khurram
"Best Medical Information" includes About disease's ↪Name ↪Image ↪Description ↪Cause ↪Symptoms ↪Medication ↪Diagnosis ↪Treatement ↪Prevention You will ge...
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Chain Reaction by Physical404
Chain Reactionby Paige
Once Sebastian commits suicide, he is forced to watch the after effects of his death before passing on to heaven. Cover photo is from Tumblr user carlynotcarley
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Prevention ❊ robin goodfellow by padsfeet
Prevention ❊ robin goodfellowby ⸰ b r e e ⸰
❝I can also tell you used the apple scented shampoo i gave you. You smell really good.❞ He sucked in a large breath right next to my ear. • • • Trinity was the second ch...
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Emptiness (A Dear Bully) by punkin_princesa
Emptiness (A Dear Bully)by Leah
"Do you feel any remorse? You're broken too, I can tell, but why me? Why the already broken girl? Are you trying to shatter me completely? I'm already past repair, ...
  • awareness
  • depression
  • stopbullying
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You Can't Do This Alone  by Rai_loves_fanfics
You Can't Do This Alone by Raidah_Azreen
Thomas is in paradise with everyone who survived from wicked (after the death cure) but he still has thoughts about all the people who died to bring them here. He has sd...
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Good goodbye  by scarred_rainbow_
Good goodbye by Loveiy
Holly, suicidal teen has plans to commit suicide. Until Bella comes along and tries to save her.
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Suicide - But Why? by no_suicide
Suicide - But Why?by Save A Life
This book shows the causes of suicide. Information and knowledge on how different situations can lead to suicide is provided in the book. Preventions and treatments for...
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CONCURSO- Espinas en las rosas- by Espinas_en_las_Rosas
CONCURSO- Espinas en las rosas-by Espinas_en_las_Rosas
Reglas del concurso: 1) Tu One-shot no tiene limite de palabras. 2) Tu historia debe estar escrita en el idioma español. 3) La temática está basada en crear historias qu...
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Excedia: War of the Four Kingdoms  by DICEofficial
Excedia: War of the Four Kingdoms by D.I.C.E
The journey of Luke Lakewalker, a bounty hunter from a small village of the south leads him and his companions to search for the missing legendary artifact of the dwarve...
  • kingdoms
  • adventure
  • dark
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Flowers For Kalista by Skyheir
Flowers For Kalistaby N A O
". . . I left some flowers just there on kitchen table for her. I'm sorry I cannot begin to fathom the hurt Kalista's death has brought to you and I apologize on h...
  • disturbing
  • death
  • selfharm
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Mental Illness by ashleyyashweed
Mental Illnessby Ashweed
A small story, where we can discuss mental illness and what it feels like-and why it is so important to pay attention to it. Helping those who can't and are afraid to s...
  • anger
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  • prevention
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Things I Live For by -ThePurplePlague-
Things I Live Forby 💰Alex🍪
Things that keep me from ending it all.
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Blue Whale Challenge by TatianaTessier
Blue Whale Challengeby Tatiana Tessier
Nous avons écrit cette histoire avec les membres de mon groupe lors des TPE aux Lycée. L'histoire est celle de Leslie une jeune fille totalement banale qui écrit à son...
  • depression
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  • scarification
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Preventing bullying by thebookgirl20
Preventing bullyingby thebookgirl20
If you took the time to read this book, you should be congratulated. Be the change you want to see in the world. Act on it. Stop the bullies. Why should you suffer in s...
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Positivity  by chocolate0730
Positivity by -idwk.
Live life rather than ending it... Photo by @DarkChildOfHades13
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Race for the cure. by LaiaMay
Race for the LailaMHoward
Bin Ji Mansen from the boy group Illusion is told that he has diabetes and that there is a high chance of the doctor preventing the diabetes from becoming serious.
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  • cancer
  • prevention