Doug is a Ghost

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It happens once every thousand years; plague, war, earthquakes, hurricanes, comets a millenniums tragedies all at once. But it means one thing to planet earth, mass death and destruction, but in this wave of darkness there's a ray of light, mankind's last hope. You might say that whoever that person is they're the most important person on earth, but actually it's just me, the utterly average me.

It all began with a small mistake. A child was born during a civil war but as the mother lay dying outside and the father another nameless corpse on the battlefield it was assumed the child would die and so it was abandoned. However a family working at a local farm raised him to adulthood. On the eve of his celebration for coming of age he murdered his adopted family and started to seek revenge for the mother that had been lost to him. He assumed everyone was to blame due to heavy involvement in the civil war by all people. He slew without mercy anyone he could find, but he had grown crafty and patrols of soldiers couldn't catch him. It seemed this would go on forever until he made a bold move. He attacked the capital of the realm and slew its leader and was then killed himself. It seemed everything was better but then the unthinkable occurred, he and all the victims he murdered came back to life and attacked the living. No one had ever seen this magic before and there was mass panic. The undead soldiers were superior to any living ones as they couldn't feel pain and had more endurance. After the first knights were slain, there were only small pockets of resistance remaining; the following is but a story of these brave people.

"We have to get out of here master, the undead are attacking and we need to find a safe haven for the night."

"Don't worry, my child. We shall find safety, all you have to do is believe."

"But what the hell are we going to do we'll be killed if we stay and we will be killed if we leave."

"Shhh, quiet, your training is supposed to remove the fear of death. Maybe you just haven't learnt enough. We shall escape the way you were trained with stealth and precision, while trying to save as many others as we can as our sacred duty as guardians of this land."

Attack. Keenan, the apprentice dodged the scything blow from behind and zapped the zombie in front of him disintegrating it instantly. He blew up one behind him as he watched his master utterly destroy several that had attacked him. Keenan was surprised, he hadn't thought his master could still fight very well due to age, but apparently he was better than Keenan himself. Let's rest in this building for the night there seems to be other living people who could share the watch with us.

"Hail, we are living; we wondered if we could bunk with you tonight in the fortified building you have. We can both fight; my apprentice and I and we can also share the watch with you if you'll have us.

(Two Days Later)

"Finally we have escaped, master where shall we go from here."

"Nowhere, I should think the Dark Lord is coming here right now. They bravely squared off against him, but they didn't have a chance. The apprentice was killed first, overwhelmed by the mass of zombies that escorted their lord wherever he went.

The master continued to fight even in the face of annihilation. However, even the best must succumb eventually in the face of such odds and he was no exception.

"Douglas, wake up."

"Leave me alone I'm trying to nap."

"Doug, wake up, every day you come to class and fall asleep, just go if that's how you're going to act."

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