Chapter 1

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11 years later

“OW! You stupid  incompetent filthy blooded abomination! Cant you do anything right? “ Princess Amiyah cried as she yanked the hairbrush out of my hand. I rolled my eyes as I bit my tongue trying not to say anything that would give the brat reason to call the King.

“Wow that’s a pretty big word for you Mya. .”Tristan  said as he walked into Amiyah’s room jumping up on her giant canopy bed.

“No one was talking to you Trist! Get out of my room!” She screeched.

“You should really stop being so mean to her, She is our sister after all.” Tristan said throwing a smile my way.

“She can be your sister all you want, but there is no way in hell that she will ever be considered my sister. After all, she’s a filthy half-breed! Father should have gotten rid of her when she was found.” Amiyah said looking at me with  pure hatred and disgust as I went about cleaning her room making sure it was spotless or else there would be consequences.

“She’s a hell of a lot better sister that you, spoiled brat. “ I decided to stop it here before it turned into a little wrestling match.

“That’s enough children.  We wouldn’t want either of you getting hurt, now would we?” I said softly.

“Did I say you could talk,slave?” Amiyah snapped. Hold your tongue Faith. The consequence is not worth it. I repeated to myself.

“I said she could talk, leave Faith alone!” Tristan shouted.

“Lets see what Father thinks of your love and admiration for the slave.” My eyes opened wide as I tried to stop her from what she was about to do.  Unfortunately I didn’t reach her in time before she screamed at the top of her lungs. “DADDY!!!”  Both me and Tristan face palmed ourselves knowing what was to come.

About 30 seconds later, King Mark came storming in. “Whats the matter princess?”

“Daddy,  Tristan is being mean. He said he rather have that thing as a sister and wished me dead. And it disobeyed me and purposely yanked my hair!” She pouted.

I rolled my eyes and spoke up knowing the consequences, but I didn’t care. I had promised my mom that I would take care of the twins even though one was like the devil reincarnated.

“Your majesty, Prince Tristan said no such thing.” I spoke quietly but with his enhanced hearing , I'm positive he heard loud and clear.

“Are you calling the princess a liar? “ He hissed at me.

“Father, Faith is not at fault, I am.” Tristan said getting in between the King and me.

“How revolting! You dare stand by this filth over your own sister?” The King roared.

“She is my sister too! “Tristan yelled back, resulting in a slap across the face from King Mark.

“You ignorant little bastard! How dare you raise your voice at me! You want to claim the filth, then you will get treated like the filth! Some one bring me my whip!” The king called to one of his men. I pushed my little brother behind me.

“King Mark, please don’t punish Tristan, I will take his whippings. “ King Mark raised an eyebrow at me.

“Very well but you will have 15 instead of Tristans usual 10.” I sighed and nodded my head and turned around getting on my knees and waited  to receive my 15 licks. As I turned I saw Amiyah smirk.

“No, Father I will take them. Faith, I will heal instantly but it will take you days.” Tristan cried out.

“its okay Tristan.. I’ll be okay just go.” I said.

And with that, I felt the first hit, then the second, then on and on. I closed my eyes and held in the tears not giving them the satisfaction.

“You are dismissed for the rest on the day , slave,”King mark stated before he left. Tristan ran to  my side and carefully helped me back to my room.

“I'm sorry I got you in trouble Faith” Tristan said sadly. I winced  as he helped me on the bed. It weakly said “it’s okay” before passing out from the pain.

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