Chapter 3

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Time passed and Kitazawa Daiichi was soon at finals. Emiko tried to cheer on her brother and to come to all the matches she could as she was helping coach the boys, but the day that Tobio set the ball and no one wanted to spike it, she wasn't there. When Tobio returned home, he didn't want to tell her that he was benched. He knew that he was called the 'king of the court' and that his teammates didn't like him, but to not spike the ball, it was heartbreaking. Emiko could tell right away that something was wrong, the look on his face said it all. It said that something happened and that he thought she would be disappointed because of it.

"Come here." she said, her arms wide open, ready to envelope her brother in a hug. Tobio looked up, tears brimming his eyes as he walked over to her, her slightly shorter frame wrapped around him. "It's alright, you can tell me." she rubbed his back as she whispered in his ear soothingly.

"W-we lost." Tobio stuttered out, the tears starting to run down his cheeks. "I w-was benched. They didn't spike the ball i set." he cried into his sister's shoulder, not being able to hold it in anymore. She didn't know what to say. The worst thing that could happen to a setter was for the ball that they set not to be spiked because no one wanted to. She tightened her grip on him.

"Why don't we have a sibling night tonight. I'll make some grilled cheese sandwiches like we did when we were younger." she cooed in his ear, pulling away slightly. "Mum and dad won't be back until later so we have the house to ourselves, we can watch some movies if you like." Tobio looked down at his sister and nodded, the tears gradually stopping. Emiko used her thumb to rub away the tear stains that were left on his cheeks and then pulled away walking to the kitchen.

"Thank you, Emiko." Tobio sniffled out, following her and sitting at the kitchen table. He got a smile in return.

"Tobio, while i make the food why don't you go take a warm shower, it'll help relax your muscles." she told him, grabbing all the equipment she needed to make grilled cheese sandwiches. He nodded and got up, slowly walking upstairs to do what Emiko said.

While he was showering, thoughts of the day's game flooded his head, overwhelming him. The missed spike was all he could think about. Maybe he threw it to low? He was trying to think of excuses as to why no one spiked the ball, but deep down he knew the truth. They didn't like him, they didn't trust him. He soon got out and threw on a pair of shorts and a black t shirt once he was dry. Tobio tried clearing his head of the thoughts he had earlier, knowing his sister would tell him off for thinking that way.  In a few minutes he was downstairs and he could smell the aroma of the grilled cheese sandwiches, making him smile for a fraction of a second.

"Did the shower help?" Emiko asked Tobio as she placed two plates on the table. All she got was a nod in response as Tobio sat down at the. "Good." she said and sat down opposite him, pulling her plate nearer to herself. The two ate quietly, speaking every now and then, but mostly just enjoying each others company. When the two finished, Tobio asked Emiko a question that was on his mind for sometime now.

"Emiko, why aren't you disappointed in me?" the question took her aback, she didn't think that she would have to answer that question ever, she thought it was clear why.

"I could never be disappointed in my baby brother, Tobio." she told him, smiling lightly. "You did what you thought was best, all i can hope is that you learn from your mistakes." Tobio looked at her, the tears from earlier coming back. "Oh come here, you big baby." she added when she saw the tears pooling in his eyes. Tobio got up and walked towards Emiko, who once again enveloped him in a hug.

"Do you think that Shiratorizawa will still take me?" Tobio asked, remembering the promise they made five years ago as they embraced each other.

"They'd be stupid not to, you're a great setter. And either way, if they refuse to take you over one mistake then they'll have me to deal with." she smirked slyly at him, her overprotective side coming out. Since they were little, Emiko always felt she needed to protect Tobio, even though he was only a year younger than her. She thought that she would always be there for him, even if he didn't need her anymore. Emiko could remember the first day he joined Kitazawa Daiichi, he was ready to cry when he saw the school, but Emiko was there in front of him. He stood there behind her, holding onto the back of her shirt, scared the others wouldn't like him and that they wouldn't let him join the volleyball team. She could remember that she told Tobio he was acting stupid and that if they didn't let him join than they were stupid as well. It was her show of belief in him that gave him strength to join the club and practice everyday. She would come to his matches and he would come to hers. But over time he became more egocentric and seemed to want everything to be perfect, making  the other boys on the Kitazawa team dislike him. She was bought back to reality by her phone buzzing. Slowly, she pulled away from Tobio and took her phone out of her back pocket, curious to see what the notification said. It was a message from their mum, saying that they would be late and to not wait up.

"Well, Tobio, Mum and dad will be late." she informed her brother. "What movie do you want to watch?" a small smile formed on their faces, as they both though of the same movie.

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