His Girl

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A few days later.

Carl and i were playing darts in his room

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Carl and i were playing darts in his room. It was his turn. Well, he hit something...but it wasn't the board. He hit the door. 

Dad, Aaron and Michone walked inside. Carl was still mad at dad for being Negan'sbitch. 

Dad "You should come with us, both of you"

Me "And who takes care of my sister?"

Carl "Someone's got to be here for Judith"

Dad "There's people who want to help. We'll only be gone a few days at the most"

I threw the arrow and it hit bulles eye. Carl glared at me and i smirked at him. 

Dad "We need supplies. They're gonna be coming back soom."

Carl snaped "Is this how it's gonna be now?"

Dad nodded  "Yes"

Carl sighed. 

Dad "It is. You know that"

Me "Well, then see you in a few days"

Carl walked to the door and too the arrows out. 

Dad "We should get going"

Dad then walked out and Michone and Aaron followed him. 

Carl and i walked downstairs and sat down on the kitchen chairs. 

Me "Mich, why didn't you go with dad?"

Michone grabbed her sword "I have to figure some things out. "

She walked to the door. Carl and i stood up and followed her. 

Me "And what?"

Michone "How we can do this. If we can"

Carl shook his head "We can't. No, not like this"

Michone "Your dad things differently"

I scoffed "That son of a bitch Negan thinks for him"

Michone shook her head "I don't know. Change your bandage later, and be nice to Olivia"

Then she left. 

Carl suddenly walked out through the back door. 

Me "Carl!"

I ran after him. 

Enid was trying to find a way to climb over the wall. 

Carl "Enid"

She froze. 

Enid "i need to see Maggie. "

Carl "You're walking to Hilltop? It's far. "

Enid started to climb "i'll be fine. "

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