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I tried really hard not to dwell over secrets. I thought they were only lies that people keep to themselves. Or worries that they are afraid to speak about. I used to think secrets was another way of rebelling. Or a way of breaking up friendships. 

All I know is that lies only ever brought me pain. 

Liars are people who want to live two lives. I'm not saying that telling a white lie is bad. Sure, if someone asks you who ate the last cupcake you're going to want to say no. But sometimes, a lie becomes more than something that is made up. It becomes your life. That's when you want to escape. If you become a liar then who are you really? This is why trust comes into play.

Trust is another form of faith. If someone believes they can trust you it means they are placing their faith in you. It's all linked together and sometimes it's hard to see that. It's hard to see the similarities between lies, trust, and faith. 

I never thought I would become a liar. I never thought my friends would be liars. Because I trusted them. But sometimes things change. And sometimes my faith is blind. It's like that Indiana Jones movie. I have to take the leap of faith and hope that something will catch me. I just never knew I would fall. 

And I fell.

I fell.


Welcome welcome welcome--to my new story!

This is only a prologue, so there isn't much information. Let me give you a small rundown, I will be updating Monday's--to brighten your day because Monday's suck. And Fridays--because Friday's are amazing. This way I can start your week great and finish it great. That was cheesy but I do hope you enjoy this story.

To all my readers that have read 3 Stepbrothers, I know you all wanted a spin-off. I hope this story doesn't disappoint though. I have been planning to make a spin off of some characters, but right now I need to branch away from 3 Stepbrothers. It's kind of like when you eat one certain food for a really long time--eventually, you're tired of it. So just give me some time to write other stories, and I will make a spin off. Eventually.

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