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Kolokaíri batch is open!

Kolokairi. n.
— greek word of summer.


; rules ;

i. fill up the form NEATLY.

ii. let's be friends!

iii. add this to your reading list.

iv. strictly no shop hopper!

v. don't be rude and appreciate my works.

vi. be patient. 'password: conan'

vii. don't claim my work as yours

viii. use the cover/s for one week or more

; payments ;

i. follow me. (permanently)

ii. a single thank you.

iii. give credits. put on the description box (e.g. "cc. to @1969kg for the cover")

iv. let's be friends.

v. vote and comment.


; form ;

i. title: (i dont accept long titles, maximum word is 3)

ii. author/pen name:

iii. characters: (only 1-2 character. strictly kpop idol only)

iv. demands:

v. password:


; other note ;

i. i don't do blended/heavy graphics. i only do simple one.

ii. please publish your work/book first 'coz i won't accept unpublished books

iii. yes, i will be a lil bit strict for this batch, masyado niyo na kasi akong inabuso noon (:

iv. i accept cover sets din. max of 8 books.

v. u can request as many as you want!



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