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☁️ let's be friends!

☁️ be patient

☁️ I don't accept horror/heavy graphics

☁️ fill the form neatly

☁️ follow the rules

☁️ password: kimchichii

☁️ don't claim my work as yours

☁️ use your cover/s for 1 week

☁️ follow me

☁️ vote and comment= link of your bc


☁️ dedicate one chapter to me or just mention me in your description box

☁️ give credits (eg. credits to @/1969kg for the book cover)

☁️ say thank you

☁️ again, let's be friends i don't bite

☁️ vote and comment

hiii! here's ur cover, i hope u like it

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hiii! here's ur cover, i hope u like it. I'm sorry if I didn't reached your expectations, sorry talaga huhu sana magustuhan mo kahit na walanghiya ang ginawa ko ㅠㅠ

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