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One aspect I loathe of the forest is the darkness, you can barely see anything, it’s like you have to depend on your other senses, and one thing I know for sure is that it’s very infuriating for me, that is. The whole atmosphere was no different from coal; the canopy of the trees deteriorated the dark situation. You know, some people say the moon is what gives you light in the night; conversely, no light penetrates through this forest. The noises I’m hearing were scaring the crap out of me, the croaking of frogs to begin with, they croak deeply and then they halt all of a sudden; as if purposely leaving an eerie tension in the atmosphere, to frighten me .Chirping crickets seem to be coming from all different quarters, sealing in on me.I try to close my eyes shut really tight, it doesn’t work.

Everyone seems to be asleep, although I can’t see anybody, I can sense no movement from them, meaning they are all asleep, right?

As if reading my mind, “Destiny, are you still awake?” a curious voice said in the distance.

“Holy cow, whoever is there, never, I mean never scare me like that ever again “I state horrified. I put a hand on my chest, calming my pounding heart down, while I sat up nervously, gawping around like a maniac.

 My eyes strained to get a better view of the persons face. ”Don’t worry destiny, it’s only me”.

I breathe in deeply, still affected by that encounter we just had. ”Asher? Why are you still awake?” I whispered, realising the others were still fast asleep, I could never sleep with all these noises of insects buzzing around casually.

“Just looking around for any danger, plus with all these noises going on, I couldn’t sleep”. I nodded, understanding what he exactly meant. I go back to when we were molests by that huge beast, Asher actually saved me-no I’m not saying he is like ‘my hero’ but it was very courageous of him to stand up to an animal three times the size of him.

“You know it was very brave of you to attack the bear and saving me “I cut the awkward silence between us.

“Serious, it was nothing; a strong man like me should be able to fight of a bear”

Even though I couldn’t see his face properly, a mental image pops up in my head of Asher wearing his signature smirk.

“Well you sure didn’t act like a strong man when I punched you yesterday” I replied smugly.

“Shut up, well you punch like a man”, he sneered.

“I swear you said that already”.

“Well I still think you punch like a man”

“I’m I supposed to be offended?”

 It looked like he shrugged his shoulders. ”It wasn’t a compliment either” he finished off. I narrowed my eyes and said “well, why would I want to expect a compliment from you anyways”. I turned around and laid on my back, every time we talk, we always seem to get into a stupid argument; I remembered the first time we both got thrown  in the cellar, when we nearly kissed, oh god destiny what were you thinking? I slapped myself lightly on the head to stop those mental images coming up.

 Those stupid frogs were making the sudden noises again. I could see some light coming through, which meant morning is close. I still can’t believe I have not slept throughout the night. I felt someone stirring next to me and realised it was Emily.

“Morning Emily” I smiled.

She quickly got up and started to look around frantically. She then looked at me for a couple of seconds getting used to the eerie darkness, then something must’ve dawned on her because her confused face turned one into of relief.

“Oh, erm morning? I got confused on why we were in the middle of the forest for a second there” she chuckled embarrassingly.

“Guys get up we have to get moving” Ashers voice boomed. Natalie and Hernandez woke up.

Guess who didn’t?

“Taylor” Asher repeated

Nothing. Not even a stir.

 “Dude get up we have to get going before they get closer”. Asher urged while picking up our belongings and what we set up. I glimpsed his muscles reflexed as he picked-Destiny! Snap out of it!

I’m so lucky Asher did not see me devouring his body, his ego is already inflated, no need to make it bigger.

I shake my head and got up. Time to wake up Taylor, I grin mischievously as a plan already formed in my head.



“Are you guys ready” I told all of them. Amazingly I even had Asher to agree with me to this one.

I strolled out of the corner, yes, Taylor was still sleeping his head off. If someone was getting murdered next to him, he wouldn’t wake up, whatsoever.

So, I strolled next to him, carefully not going next to him-let’s just say he hates spiders. I screamed at the top of my lungs ”TAYLOR!” he stirs for a minute and then places his hand on his face.

Right on his face is a spider on his cheek, I shiver momentarily .I literally begged Hernandez to find a spider; surprisingly he did and agreed to place in on Taylor. I say Taylors name again and this time he opens his eyes and irritatingly said

“What the fuck you what man?”

I move back behind a tree next to Asher who is stifling his laughter and I said to an annoyed Taylor

“There’s a spider on you”

He instantly jolted up and said “where, where the fuck is it?”

After feeling something on his cheek he stated to shriek and run around trying to slap the spider of his cheeks. He looked like a flipping lunatic. “oh my god where is it? Shit man” he was still shrieking after he even slapped it off.

All of us when on the floor going through uncontrollable fit of laughter. After realising it was gone he turned right to me and gave an evil glare. I gave him one of innocence.

I straight away said “it was Natalie’s idea, I swear is wasn’t me” I put my hand up showing surrender, I stupidly realised I just put the blame on Natalie-the quiet one who never causes any trouble, now he will definitely know I did it.

“Hey! It wasn’t me” Natalie defended herself. The boys and Emily were still on the floor laughing.

“Oh my god is it off ! Oh my god!” Asher imitated Taylor, while adding more girly voice to it.

“Shut the fuck up!”Taylor said, the boys roared with laughter again.

I thought I heard crunching of deceased leaves, but I put that thought aside and said

“Taylor come on, you were sleeping like there was no tomorrow, we have to hurry, by now Lord Nicholas surely would have noticed us missing “I change the topic and turn serious.

After hours of walking, Hernandez mumbled “I’m hungry, did anybody get food?”, so we ate hurriedly, not even having time to digest our food. We had to move very quickly because I bet lord Nicholas is searching for us already.

I caught the sound of muffled voices and when I turned to the others, they all looked like they heard it. We all started to make our pace faster to get out of this forest.

“Move and you’re all dead!” A voice boomed behind us.

“Shit” me and Taylor said at the same time. How did they get here so fast? We slowly turned around.

Three men all in black stood in front of us,when I said im not good with  bad situations like this, I meant it; I carelessly said

“So, where is Will Smith?”

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