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Let's face it, none of those cliche situations from movies between a guy and a girl ever happen in real life. I'm not going to end up accidentally bumping into my future husband in a cafe, spilling a latte over him. I'm not going to go up to some random stranger and ask him for directions and he'll become mesmerized by the color of my eyes and fall in love with me. The window of my bedroom doesn't happen to be situated opposite to that of a b'bad boy neighbor'.

     I was daydreaming, again. Something I do on a daily basis. Nothing different, right? Well, let's just say I didn't snap out of my little 'trance' until I saw a guy waving frantically at me, smiling.

   Oh shit, he;s hot. He probably thinks I was checking him out.

  Great, now he's coming over.

  Kill me.

   You think you're awkward right? You probably are, but I bet you not as much as little miss Marianne. I think she just breathes it, but anyways read this story to join Marianne journey of meeting a really cute guy during her 'trance' and how it all works out for her.

  Plus the authors name is really you can just check out this book totally based on that.

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