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"Assallam alay-"

Holy chicken

Hottie alert

Does my veil look sexy?

The holy month of Ramadan. A month where Muslims are required to fast, abstain from sins and connect spiritually with Allah.

It's also the month that Paulina Suarez; the practicing, straightforward, biracial Muslim-ah with a very colorful vocabulary, tries to avoid acting on her feelings for the goofy baker boy who has been assigned to make her food for her break of fat for the next 30 days.

30 days. She just has to endure his smiles, sense of humor and amazing talent in the art of making samosas for 30 days without jumping his bones.

......and without killing that coworker of his that's just trying to get to him before Ramadan is up.

Yep...no pressure at all.

     So yeah this book, actually the first book i read about a Muslim girl and I really liked it . I mean I actually learnt a bit about the religion and not just what I was taught in school. and plus it had a lot of Avan Jogia gifs which just made me really really happy(i mean the hairrrr).

     Anyways its a good book with a lot of diverse characters, harry potter references and lots of pictures of Avan Jogia, so yeah a definite must read.

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