#12. It Gets Hard

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Once she walked away from her father, Mona went in search of her mum. Wherever she was, she was probably trying to "take care" of the shit that just went down

It's not like it was the first time that this shooting thing happened, it wasn't, however, this was the first time she started to question what it is that her parents did that would put all of them in harm's way like it did

She found her mum in her office, (yes both her parents had separate offices. When she was younger she wondered why they couldn't share one office, but soon realised that it was because they both had different businesses), on the phone with God knows who

Once she saw Mona walk in, Mmapula told the person she was currently talking to that she would call them back, then hung up, "Hey my angel" she smiled at Mona, who just rolled her eyes at her mother

Mmapula frowned, "What's wrong angel?" She asked concerned

"Nothing" Mona plopped down on the seat on the opposite side of her mum's desk, "Just tired of the lies, that's all" she cocked her head to the side, awaiting more of her mother's lies

Mmapula's face dropped, but her face changed back into her smile quicker that one could blink, "What lies angel? That out there was just a misunderstanding between your father and one of the people he used to work with" she looked down at the paperwork in front of her

Mona sighed, "Yeah whatever. I'm just tired of all this" she waved her hands around, "Y'all need to keep me out of whatever shit you got yourselves into, cause I don't need it ma" she said, frustrated

"Brian is right, I've never really asked why shit was always like this, cause to me it just seemed normal" she confessed, "But to be honest, I've been wondering for some time now about how we always seem to have people always trying to kill us"

He mother raised her hand up at her, "Wait" she closed her eyes for a second, trying to think if she heard Mona correctly, "Brian was right?" she looked at her seriously, "About what exactly?" She asked curiously

Mona rolled her eyes at her mother again, "He basically, kinda asked if this was something that happened on a regular, and what it was about" she explained, "But I told him that if he had questions, then he needed to ask your husband" she pointed at her mum

Mmapula's eyes widened. She didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know that Brian had figured out something about her husband, and she needed to protect him, and her angel from the man that she had brought to the house, "Excuse me, angel" she stood, and all but ran out her office

She hastily walked to the foyer of the house, knowing that that was most likely where Niko and Brian were. She had made sure to come packing, just in case Brian pulled a gun on her husband, she would end him too

She walked up, to find Niko and Brian in a stared down. And from the way Niko was clenching his fists, Mmapula could tell that he was moments away from drawing his gun out on Brian, and putting one in his head

But looking at Brian, she was scared that her husband would be the one bleeding on the floor. The boy had a look that she had only seen once in her life, and that was of a man who would kill without a second though, and still enjoy every moment of it years later

"Niko" she whispered behind him, making him to look back at her, "Don't love" she warned him

Brian looked back at Mmapula, who was looking at Niko, pleading with him with her eyes. Niko looked back at Brian, "Saved by the wife" he stated, a small smile on his face

Brian's smirk got bigger as he stared Niko down some more, like he was doing him, "Who's? Yours or mine?" He cocked an eyebrow

Brian's question sent Niko off the edge, and the next thing he did was something he'd been itching to do since the boy walked into his house...he hit him right on the jaw. He then leaned down so that Brian could hear every word he spoke from his crouched like position, "Not. In. This. Lifetime boy. I'm not dead yet" he threatened Brian again

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