2. That Night pt 2. / Next morning

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I didn't know what to think or what to do.

One moment Julien is giving me this ring that had to have cost a ton of money, telling me it was a symbol - a promise that we would be best friends forever, no matter what, then he's staring into my eyes while I'm spilling tears over how sweet he is and I feel this fluttering feeling in my stomach that has made an appearance time and time again.


I was attracted to my best friend.

His eyes were my favorite, so blue-green and light that they looked like tropical waters. As he gazed into my eyes, I felt that tug in my belly, signaling my aroused state.

This can't be happening.

But it was. Something about Julien had been pulling me toward him for a while now and It was harder to maintain.

Feeling uncomfortable, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to lie on the bed with me. He held me against him as his hand slid to rest at my hip. I felt his excitement right up against my ass and I dared not move a muscle, my eyes glued to the tv. Every now and then I would smile at my ring, feeling loved.

Then something crazy happened.

He told me he wanted to share his first kiss with me.

Our first kiss. For either of us.

I was dubstruck, wondering what had gotten into him, but I couldn't deny it, as I looked up at him and saw the lust in his eyes, I wanted to kiss him too.

His arms around me as he leaned over my body, I felt heat rush through me, my own excitment exploding as he leaned down and hovered above my lips.

The moment he kissed me, gently pressing his soft lips to mine, nipping at my lower lip,  I mewled softly and he was kissing me like a man kisses a woman.

It was unfathomable how good it felt to be like that with him.. his hips as they leaned into mine, the taste of his lips and how his scent enveloped me.. I was gone.

It was over before I knew it and we were both breathless when I asked for more. I was shocked at how blunt I was with him.

After our amazing first kiss, he looked at me for a moment as he contemplated something, his eyes dancing around my face.

When he said he wanted to ask me something, something big- I had a feeling what it could be.  It was like I was reading his mind because mine went straight there too.

He left, leaving me stunned and I sat there thinking..

Was he really going to ask me to be his first?

That couldn't be it... could it? Was I delusional?

Our relationship had taken a turn for something more already and adding this step would put the nail in our coffin in the friendship category.

But did I want to do it?

I did....

Quickly showering, I dried off and slipped on something comfortable, a silk and lace cami with matching shorts.

If in fact he suggested this, I wanted to be prepared.

I doubted he would, but I sort of wanted him to. I wanted to be with him but I would never say a word if it wasn't what he was going to ask me.

I sat there waiting, a smile on my face as I recalles our kiss. Staring down at my ring made it all the more real.

He burst in through my balcony, catching me off guard. I figured he would come back the way he left but as I watched him stride toward me in the sweatpants that hung dangerously low on his hips, sporting an erection, I felt my insides heat back up again.

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