Whatever He Wants

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Izuku's P.O.V ~ The 3 of them just got back from a mission ~ it's been 3 weeks since they have come together


"Bakugou... Bakugou... Whatcha Doin?" I asked leaning over his shoulder. He shuddered

"Homework." He asked then continued working as I watch him.

"Why? What is it for?" He started shuddering and then... Ugh stuttering.

"Um i-it's f-for school. Y-you remember s-school, right?" I hate his voice when he stutters it's so uneasy. Hum school? Let's see. Oh right!

"It's that were you blow up on of my journal, right?" It's so fun to bring back the past and watch him shake in fear of what I'll do, with is most nothing, mostly.

"Umm.. w-well y-you see... I-I um?" He didn't know how to answer. Perfect.

"I mean that's what I remember, so is it right or wrong? Hum yes or no." He's cute when he's scared.

"W-well y-you see... Um"

"Yes or no"

"Y-y-yes." He answered looking down shaking.

"Hum so my memory isn't wrong." He's eyes are clenched closed I raised my hand about to hit him, but someone had to interrupted!

"Hey! Lovebirds can you take it somewhere else I need to keep my grades up or they'll suspect something up!"

"Oh shut up halfa!" Time to have some fun!

"What did you just call me!" I like him when he's angry.

"Are your ears broken? I called you halfa!" Oohh he's angry now, maybe I can get those flames out of him.

"I'm already on edge.."

"And? Come on I'm bored! Give me something to do!" Yes, yes he's about to burst!

"S-stop guys!" Bakugou tried shouting... Excuse me?

"I sorry Kacchan my ears must still be ringing from the mission. So could you repeat EXACTLY what you said for me?" I asked with a smile, of course, walking away from Todo and towards Bakugou.

As I got closer I could see him start to tense up. Hum, this could be fun. I walk in front of him and sit in his lap, he let out a little yelp and then started shaking. Yes, this could be of some entertainment.


"U-u-um I-I s-s-s-said um....." I love when he's scared!

"You know I've been ever so curious about something." I start to draw circles on his shoulder with my index finger.

"O-oh y-yea! *Gulp* W-what?"

"Who would last longer in a fight? You or Todo?"

"Obviously me, especially if he's just gonna stand there and take all of it like always." Todo just had to but in! Didn't he?

"What if I want you to win, Kacchan? Would you win for me?"

"W-what ever y-you want. If you asked for something I'll do it without hesitation." What a good pet, obeying it's master.

"So if I ordered you to win, you would win?" He nodded. I smirked.

"Ok you to. One on one battle, quirks only, no weapons, no help, no ties. Winner won't be experimented on for a month! Sound fair?" Both nodded, as if they had a choice but to agree with me!

The three of us go up and made our way to the training ground. They put on their regular training uniforms (A/N The regular UA gym outfits) that  that Todo was so generous to get for us. Before they entered I stopped them.

"Kacchan these my order for you: win and don't die, you're still my favorite test subject. Todoroki same for you win but don't die and don't true to kill him." They seemed confused.

"You're giving us both the same order?" Todo started.

"When we're fighting against eachother?" Bakugou ended.

"Yep, I just want to see how far each if you will go to complete an order. Now. GET IN THE TRAINING ROOM!"

"Y-yes sir!" They ran in and got in different sides of the battle field will I went up to the observation bay and talked through the microphone.

"Remember I will be watching, don't make me intervene! If you cause the me to you'll automatically lose and to add on not only will the winner not have me experiment on then, but I'll also let Kuki experiment on the looser," they shuddered, yea I could only hope to be crazier then her, "ready? Begin."

Action scene

Todo was the first to act. Creating ice tracks for him to get a speed boost. Kacchan wasn't far behind though and ran to avoid a direct attack, while sending one Todo's way, just a small one though, aaawww I have to wait for things to get more interesting.

Might as well enjoy to sugar up here!

Author's P.O.V ~ Battle field ~ they've been fighting for 2 hours

Bakugou and Todoroki were both badly damaged. When they dodged on attack, another one was sent their way. Both were out if breath bleeding, and needing serious medical attention for burns, on Todoruki, and almost frozen limbs, on Bakugou. But even with all of that neither gave up, they were both ordered to win, and they both didn't want to get experimented on (especially if it was from Kuki).

Bakugou dodged another icey attack from Todoroki, and started panting heavily he couldn't keep this up! He was about to dodge another attack; however, he tripped on some ice that had been on the field. Seeing this Todoroki walked over to him, preparing an attack.

"No hard feelings, but you would do the same." He said before he launched a powerful ice attack at Bakugou, who barely dodged it.

"No! I was ordered to win, so I will win!" Bakugou exclaimed before removing the sleeves of his jacket, which were soaked with his explosive sweat (A/N never thought I'd have to describe sweat as explosive... This is a weird show!) and throwing them at the half iced boy, lighting it and creating his biggest explosion yet.

After the smoked cleared, Izuku saw Todoroki on his back passed out and Bakugou on the other side of the field still scratched up but standing. He made his way to the field but was stopped.

"You're dolls sure do make a mess, don't they?"

Izuku simply stopped and answered,
"Of course, other wise I would be bored with them and have to dispose of them." Then he walked away from a blue haired man.

As Izuku got to the field, he saw his Kacchan fall, due to exhaustion.

"Well, someone did well," He walked over and pulled Bakugou up. "And someone underestimated!" He turned to still past out halfa. "Don't worry I'll call Kuki and tell her about her new subject later. As for you. We should clean you up <3 " he said turning to the victor.

The two made their way back to Izuku's room, and he started to clean the blond's wounds.

"So why didn't you stay down after his last attack?" Bakugou looked up at him, confused. " Don't look at me like that! You know I couldn't hear anything you two said!"

Then he answered with a smile, "Because you ordered me to win, so I won. I do whatever you want."

Merry Easter! Thus was supposed to come out with all the other chapters from my other books last week, but I got overwhelmed. But now that I'm whelmed the next book will be updated in about a month (it takes a long time for me to type out 1,000 word chapters, ok)

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