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Computer Components and Their Role

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                                                                               The Components

      When we first learned about the parts/components of the computer, it was very interesting to me. We talked about the motherboard, the CPU, the cooling fan, the RAM, the CD-ROM drive, the floppy disk drive, the IDE cables, the expansion slots, the daughterboard, the power supply, the hard drive, and the video card.

      The motherboard is the mother of all circuit boards, which all of the computer components are connected to. The CPU aka the processor or the Central Processing Unit is the component that keeps all parts running correctly. It also tells all of the components what to do. The cooling fan is the component that keeps the CPU cool because the CPU gets very hot.

      The RAM is Random Access Memory. Its memory is temporarily, so if the computer power off, then the memory on the RAM will be deleted. The CD-ROM drive is the component that plays DVD's, CD's, and Blu-Ray disks. The Floppy Disk Drive is the drive that holds floppy disks, which holds documents, presentations, power points, etc. These drives are not used in present day computers because USB drives have been created.

      The IDE cables are the cables that connects the hard drive, the floppy disk drive, and the CD-ROM drive to the motherboard. The abreviation IDE stands for Integrated Drive Electronics. The expansion slots are the slots onthe motherboard that are used to add more devices like printers and scanners to the computer. 

      The daughterboard is the circuit board that connects your audio devices like head phones, microphones, etc. The power supply is the component that gives power to all of the components of the computer. The hard drive is the permanent memory component that saves all of your data tha was saved on your computer. Last but not least is your video card. This is the component that allows you to view videos. 

      2 more important component are the system unit and the monitor. The system unit is the box-like case that houses all of the components of the computer. The monitor is the component that displays the data and images on your computer.


      Motherboards come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. The ealier motherboards were not as fascinating as the present day motherboards. The more the years passed, the more fascinating and different the motherboards became. Every new motherboard that was made either have something different or something better about the motherboard made before that one. Like for instance, the 5th motherboard made, which was the BTX (Balanced Technology Extended), included improved thermal radiation and some parts on it were switched around. The 2nd motherboard, which was th AT (Advanced Technology), was recognized for it's large keyboard connectors. See what I mean, a prime example of how motherboards have changed and became more fascinating over periods of time.

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