Chapter 5

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Jay turned around, staring upwards at the ceiling. "That's cool." His face had lit up with a childish quality when he had seen the starry ceiling, which I somehow found very attractive.

He looked down at me and saw me smiling. He raised an eyebrow.


I couldn't help it: I giggled.

"What?!" He asked, sounding more urgent.

"It's just..."

I smiled and shook my head.

"It is cool, isn't it?"

Jay slumped down into a beanbag and peered around the room.

The chill-out room was my attic, with a ceiling embedded with little lights that looked like stars. There were beanbags and two sofas as well as a wide screen tv, and a desk where I did my homework. It was my favourite room in the whole house.

I sat down too, and smiled at Jay. He immediately flushed.

"You know something?" He asked, leaning in closer to me.

I raised an eyebrow again (yess) and replied:


"I wasn't sure - about you, I mean. I thought maybe you might be the type of girl that plays about."

So I didn't play games? But wasn't that bad? Or at least unattractive...

I must have shown my confusion in my face; Jay leaned even closer to me (I swear my head was actually spinning by then) and grabbed my hands.

"What I meant to say was that you are simple: sweet, but simple. Like a latte."

He blushed again and quickly removed his hands.

I laughed at his simile.

"Is your whole life to do with coffee?" I asked through a laugh.

"Yup..." Jay slowly raised a hand. He touched my neck, then slowly slid it round till he was cupping the back of my head and I felt his magnetism like a pull.

My hands were on his shirt, the plaid soft beneath my fingers; I pulled him closer.

He leant forwards until his hair was brushing my forehead, until I could feel his breath on my lips, until I could feel his hand on my waist.

And then my mum shouted up the stairs.

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