Chapter 4

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Not Janey's Jason.

It was my Jason, the golden-skinned, dark-eyed blushing one. Yeah. I was shocked too.

I ran down the stairs and buried my face in Janey's neck.

Quick! Think of something to say!

I leant back and grinned at Janey. The adrenaline from being near Jason and feeling his eyes on me was nearly impossible to push down, so I pretended it was excitement from seeing my aunt.

"How are you?" I asked, almost squealing.

I led them down the hall with a flick of my wrist and somehow managed to grab my phone and sit at the breakfast bar before Jason came in.

My mum and Janey started up a conversation almost at once, canvassing everything from school to the magazine and back. Eventually my mum noticed Jason standing awkwardly at the door.

I was typing furiously on my phone, sending a group SOS message to Kate, Jaja and Ems-

Guys, u will never believe this but... Jason is here!!!! :0 what do I do????

I put my phone face down on the table and realised my mother was talking to Jason.

"- what do you play usually?"

Jason ran his hand through his hair and snuck a look at me from under his eyelashes.

When he saw I was looking at him, that gorgeous pink flush crept up his neck again; I quickly looked away, embarrassed by my obvious effect on him.

"Uh... Usually a mix - quite a l-lot of indie, maybe some rock?"

He was stuttering so much my mum started to look worried.

Right on cue, my phone buzzed.

It was Ems, god love her.

Ok, DONT PANIC. Act like it's normal ;) he'll relax and so will you x and get him to play something for you!

Ems had assumed (rightly) that he was here with Janey.

I moved on to the sofa and worked up my courage. After checking it wasn't creepy in the window (because let's face it, sometimes it comes out that way, like it or not), I flashed him a little smile.

He took the bait and stared with his mouth wide open.

My mum turned back to the soup and Janey was making tea. So it was just me and Jason, staring at each other.

He walked over and sat down, so close it made my heart jump; even close-up he was beautiful, with clear skin and shiny hair.

He whispered:


I turned to him. And raised my eyebrow, just as Jaja taught me (mental air punch).

"Hello... Didn't expect this,"

I began. He caught me off with that deep, boyish laugh - the one that had caught me off guard on the stairs.

He rubbed the back of his neck; I saw the muscles of his shoulders contract through his t-shirt and my head suddenly felt light.

"No... I... I was pretty surprised." He laughed again, and I definitely felt the prickles this time.

This boy was driving me crazy.

I smiled at him. He blushed and quickly looked away, diverting the conversation on to something else.

"So you and Janey are..?"

His shoulder brushed mine and we both jumped back. I tucked my hair behind my ear and tried to maintain a calm face (but it wasn't working, of course - wouldn't you be blushing if he was next to you?)

"Janey's my aunt. She's pretty cool, isn't she?" I studied his face for redness. "She comes over a lot."

He nodded and this time, instead of looking away, stared deeper into my eyes.

"She's an awesome woman - your lucky to have her as an aunt, you know that?"

I was drowning in his eyes. They were raking over my face, and I became aware that our knees were touching.

I looked down, trying to break the tension.

His hand was almost touching mine, but I ignored it's closeness (or tried to), and studied the little string bracelets around his wrist.

But I lost all vestige of control when he slid his hand up and lightly along my jawline, lifting my head and resting it in his hands. He looked in my eyes.

His breath blew across my lips.

Then I had a thought.

If he's bringing the heat, so should I.

So I slowly raised my knee and and lowered it again, feeling the friction between his jeans and mine. His eyebrows raised and he flushed crimson.

I laughed silently. His blush was still the most attractive thing about him, to me anyway.

I leant in and whispered:

"Play something for me, Jason, please?"

He smiled and placed his hand on my elbow, the one farthest away from my mum and Janey, so no one saw.

"Call me Jay. And yes."

He practically ran over to his guitar case.

And soon he was playing beautiful little riffs and pretty chords to his heart's content. The way he played was in such a way that you felt a part of the music; as if you were making the music better in some way just by being there to listen.

My mum and aunt came over to listen as well, and I could tell my mum was impressed. As soon as he finished, my mum gave him a little smattering of applause.

"Wow, Jason. You're very good - I would love to feature you! But me and Janey have some things to discuss, so Kat's going to take you up to the chill out room."

She shot me a discerning look. "Right?"

I nodded and practically ran out the kitchen.

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