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Dad was talked to them while Sasha and Tyreese were cleaning the cars. 

I was sitting against a post. My arm was hurting so bad.

Daryl walked to me with a first aid kid in his hands.

He kneeled down in front of me and took a look at my wound " How's your arm?"

Me " hurts like a bitch"

He chuckled.

i shot him a look "Not funny at all"

He chuckled even more. 

Then i was going to open the first aid kit but I put my hand on it to stop him. 

He looked at me confused. 

I shook my head " I need to clean that wound first"

Daryl " It's going to get infected, Ken"

Me " I bet I saw a bottle of Wodka in one of the shelfs at church"

He chuckled but then he looked down.

I asked worried " whats wrong?"

Daryl just shook his head " Nothing "

I sighed "Daryl?"

Daryl " it could've been your head or your heart. You got lucky"

Me " it only stroke my arm. Besides, I made it this far and I'm not gonna give up now"

He nodded. 


We had tied the bastard who shot me in the arm and the woman on chairs. We were now on the second floor. Sasha and Lamson where on the third one too keep watch.

But had Lamson escaped and Dad went after him.


After a while Dad came back without Lamson. 
Daryl and I stood up and walked to him.

Dad shook his head " he wouldn't stop"

I sighed " So, he's dead. what do we do now?"

Daryl " this change things?"

Dad shrugged, nodding" it has to. "

Daryl" maybe not. "

Dad " well, she said the plan won't work. The guy who did is dead. Maybe we gotta rethink this. "

Daryl " but they also said the cop in charge didn't have any love for him. Maybe you did her a favor. "

Me " You think they will play?"

Dad shook his head " I don't know. "

Daryl " let's find out "

We walked back to them.

Woman" he was a good man. He was attached by Rotters. I saw it go down. "

Dad scoffed but held his poker face " your a good damn liar. "

Woman" We're hanging by a threat here. He was attacked by rotters. That's the story. "

I raised an eyebrow " weren't you the one who said that the trade was a bad idea?"

Daryl " what changed?"

Woman "Lamson was our shot. So, it's this or you go in guns blazing, right?. You don't want that"

Daryl " if this is some Bullshit you're spinning and things go south-"

Woman " I know. I know the good ones from the bad. Let us help you. "

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