Forget She's the Only One You Love

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Forget about the girl you fucked,

Forget about it all.

Forget about the connection you had,

Forget that she asked you to call.

She's just another girl,

She's just like the rest.

She's nothing important,

She's nowhere near the best.

The only special thing about her is,

The way she sucks your dick.

The way she moves her body,

The way she likes to pick.

Only the way she does those things,

Only the way she makes you feel.

Only the way she makes you smile,

Only the way she makes you feel real.

One day you'll realize,

One day you'll know.

One day you'll feel it,

One day you'll regret letting her go.

You know she's important,

You know you were dumb.

You know you should've held on to her,

You know that you're no longer numb.

Love is a complicated thing,

Love is a feeling within.

Love is amazing,

Love is what you're in.

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