Hello, Daddy

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Hello, Daddy

It's me again.

Wishing you Happy Father's Day,

But only with paper and a pen.

I'd tell you in person,

But there just isn't a way.

Because you ran off,

When mum begged you to stay.

I'm sorry I'm not good enough,

For the man I'll never meet.

I'm sorry I'm not good enough,

For my father; the deadbeat.

I wish I could be better,

Like your perfect angel.

But I'm just your daughter,

The anti-archangel.

I've grown up a lot,

I wish you could see.

That I'm not the immature child,

You always thought I'd be.

If you'd just give me a chance,

I'm only asking for one.

To prove you wrong,

And you can be done.

Done with me forever,

Done with me for good.

Just try and be the father,

My mother thought you would.

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