You Hurt Me Once, You Hurt Me Twice

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You've made my life a never ending maze,

One I'll be walking slowly, for the rest of my days.

You hurt me one, you hurt me twice,

One more slap, one more slice.

I continue running, as fast as I can,

But I can never leave the memories of that horrid man.

I'm still hoping for all that is sane,

That I'll never see your face again, for all it brings is pain.

I'm always dragged back, to be abused some more,

Being scared to my deepest core.

My tears are worthless, as pathetic as you,

Pushing me down is all you can do.

You continue pushing, making my life hell,

Although I'm still scared from the last time I fell.

Passing through life in a shadowed haze,

My eyes always burning, like a fiery blaze.

Will I ever make it alive out of this burning hell?

As far as I'm concerned, only time will tell.

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