The boy i like and sam

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I get ready for my "so called date" with the boy I like
I walk and ask the girls about my hair
They all start doing these "hair things" which I never use because my hair is usually in a bun down or in a ponytail
I laugh because they are acting like my mom when I told her I'm going the valentines dance😂

They did my hair and I walked into the hallway and see Varinder and carter kissing I stand there and make a vine and post it everywhere
They saw me and tried to delete but posted everywhere I knock on the guys door and say I'm leaving bye
They all ask where? with who? what are you doing? but I just Ignored them and kept walking.
As I reach the bottom of the lobby steps I fall yep flat on my face
The boy I like was if course standing right there helping me up and laughing
I fake cry and say I broke a nail of no
Then we both started to laugh I asked where we were going but he never told me so I didn't care as Long as I was with him i was ok.

I had my phone in my back pocket and I felt it vibrate

I got a text from my friend Sam
Hey I'm coming down to your hotel and staying for a few nights is that ok

I replied
Ya but I won't be there

Sam answered and said
Good then you can't tell my mom what I do

I replied
Use protection sam!😂

He replied
Ok mom!

I decide to turn my eyes back on noah ( btw the guy I liked and no Sydney and everyone else i don't like him now note to Sydney-Toah can't fly apples!)
We were waking around town holding hands. When I see Ava an Sam walking around and enter Starbucks holding hands.

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