Well Shit

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 Two days later.

I was sitting behind Daryl on his bike.  Dad and Hershel in the car behind us.

Daryl stopped the bike infront of a barn.

Dad got out of the car with Hershel. Daryl got off the bike and took his crossbow.

Daryl "stay here"

I nodded. He and dad made their way through the big tanks and to the barn, i guess. I looked at Hershel who sat in the car with a machine gun. He looked at me and nodded. I nodded back.

I had a knife in my boot and on my belt next to my gun and my knifes on my belt.

After a while.

Hershel started the car. I looked at him and he nodded to follow him. Thank god, Daryl let the keys there. I started the bike and slowly drove the bike behind the car. Hershel drove the car to the other side of the tanks, in front of the barn. He stopped the car when he saw Daryl.

Me "And?"

Daryl "He's already in there. Sat down with Rick. "

Hershel looked around  "i don't see any cars. "

Daryl "it doesn't feel right. Keep it running. "

Suddenly a pick up drove came and parked in front of us. Daryl pointed with the crossbow at them. Andrea and two other guys got out. The two guys, i saw them the night Merle beat me.
The mexican guy, well, i locked him into the room.

Daryl asked Andrea kinda pissed "what the hell? why is your boy already in there?"

Andrea asked confused  "He's here?"

Daryl nodded"yup"

Andrea sighed and walked into the barn. The mexican looked at me.

the guy growled "You!"

I smirked and got off the bike "What's with me?"

Guys" you lil bitch"

Daryl pointed with the crossbow at him "Careful"

I giggled.


Hershel Came out of the car. Daryl was tapping with his foot on the ground, growing impatient my the second  and making me more nervous with each tap. I put a hand on his upper arm. He stopped.

Me "Thanks"

Hershel "Maybe i should go inside"

The nerd guy "The Governor thought it best if he and Rick spoke privately"

Daryl raised an eyebrow at him "who the hell are you?"

Guy "Milton Mamet"

Daryl sighed annoyed "great. He brought his butler"

The mexican chuckled "i'm his advisor"

Daryl "What kind of" advice"?"

Milton "planing. Biters. uh, you know, im sorry. i don't feel like explaining myself to the henchmen"

My jaw dropped and i held back a laugh.

Daryl growled "You better watch your mouth, sunshine"

Mexican "look, if you and i are gonna be out here pointing guns at each other all day, do me a favor, shut your mouth. "

Daryl stood dangerously close in front of him.

Hershel "we don't need this. If all this goes south in there, we'll be at each other's throats soon enough"

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