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I was leaning against the wall. Bored. I threw the keys in the air and caught them. Suddenly i heard someone yell my name. I stood up and walked to the door of the cellblock. I opened it. They stormed in with Hershel laying on a table.  They were panicking. My jaw dropped shocked. 

I looked at Daryl "What happened?"

I saw T-Dog closing the door to the cells. 

T-Dog "Hershel's leg got bit. Your father cut his leg off"

 I was going to run to them but Daryl grabbed my forearm and hugged me.

 I hugged him back "you're back"

Daryl "told you i would"

Suddenly i heard footsteps echoing through the empty hallway. I let go of Daryl. 

Daryl armed his crossbow and pointed it at the door. Five guys walked in. Prisoners.

Daryl warned"That's far enough"

The first men, looks like the leader, "That's block C. Cell 4 that's mine, gringo. Let me in"

Daryl "Today is your lucky day, fellows. You've been pardoned by the state of Georgia. You're free to go"

The man "What's going on in there?"

Daryl "none of your concern"

The man took his gun out "let me tell you what's my concern"

The big black guy was trying to calm the 'boss' down "We are free now. Let's go. Why are we still in here?"

Daryl "Men's got a point"

Men "A group of civilians breaking into a prison you got no business me thinking there's no place for us to go"

Daryl "why don't you go and find out?"

The other old men" We should go now"

The other shook his head "We ain't leaving"

Suddenly T-Dog stormed in with a gun pointing at the men "You ain't coming in either"

The men pointed his gun at T "It is my house, my rules. I go where i damn please"

I giggled "You really think we are scared of a gun?"

The man's head snapped in my direction. 

The guy smirked "What do we have here? A pretty little thing."

I scoffed "A pretty little thing that will rip your head off."

The men smirked "I like it feisty"

I could hear Daryl growl next to me.

I smirked put a hand on my hip"Like every other men out there."

The man looked at Daryl and then back at me. 

Me "Stop checking me out before my man shoots an arrow up you ass"

Suddenly Dad walked in. 

The guy looked at Dad "How many are in there?"

Dad "Too many for you to handle"

Men "did you rub a bank or something?. Why don't you take him to a hospital?"

I raised an eyebrow"When was the last time you looked outside?"

Men "Like 10 months"

Me "There's a virus going around. If you die you turn into a freaking Zombie. If they bite or scratch you they turn you. Only thing you care about is fresh meat."

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