Camp Alpha - The Visit - Part 1

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This is the first part of two and it takes place a year after the book ends, just before the next years camp! It was so much fun to write about these characters again and I hope you all enjoy it!

Annie's blonde hair fell over her shoulder as she read the book on her lap. She pushed it behind her ear with one hand and took the opportunity to check that her suitcase was still sitting next to the bench seat she was on. She looked around, there were countless people running around with suitcases dragged behind them. She ignored the bustling people around her and continued to read her book.

Something nudged her shoulder and she jerked away. She turned accusing eyes towards whatever it was and smiled when she saw that it was Lucas sitting next to her. "Missed me?"

Annie laughed. "You scared me!"

Lucas crossed one leg over the other and smiled brightly at her. "Of course, you were distracted reading."

Annie shrugged. "You know me."

"How was your flight?" he asked.

Annie shrugged. "Boring. Yours?"

"It was fine, I've missed you," Lucas said with a bright smile. "It's been too long."

She watched Lucas and was reminded of when she had first met him a year ago. They had looked so different back then. She had grown her blonde hair even longer and when she looked in the mirror she was starting to see more of her mother. A few curves here and there, a bit of maturity in her face. She had grown taller, only by a little though.

Lucas, however, had always been tall, but he had grown much taller. Even from sitting next to him, Annie could see that he was more than a head taller than the last time she had seen him. He would have towered over her now and he had let his hair grow out. It was close to touching his shoulders, and Annie was deciding whether or not to cut it off in the middle of the night during this camp.

After looking at him for a few more seconds she noticed that his face was different too. He looked older, more mature. She assumed, and secretly hoped, that his nature hadn't matured too. She loved how laidback and carefree he was. During the last camp it had balanced her out, and she didn't want to lose that. She knew that she would need that this year, especially since they didn't have Nate or Brody with them. The thought was weird, since Brody and Nate were the ones who made camp bearable for them last time, and now they had to face it alone.

In fact, Annie had been half worried that even Lucas would have forgotten about her by the time camp rolled around but he was the one who called her a few months ago suggesting this trip. She remembered how happy she was to hear from him. They had messaged back and forth for a few months after camp finished but she was busy and so was he.

"I've missed you too," Annie told him. "You look different."

"So do you," Lucas commented. "So, what's new?"

Annie shrugged. "Not a lot really. What about you? Have you found your mate?"

Lucas shook his head. "Not yet. What about you?"


"Welcome to Montana!"

Annie looked up and a huge smile formed on her face. "Brody!" she squealed. She engulfed him in a hug. "It's really you!" Annie hugged him tightly.

She pulled away and stared at him. He looked the same, somehow. He wore dark skinny jeans with a white shirt that made his tattoos stand out even more in contrast. He was clean shaven and his hair was short like always. The was something different but it took her a few moments to place it. It was his eyes. They weren't as bright as they were last time she saw them.

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