Capturing Oliver - Dinner Party

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Aiden was sprawled out on the bed, his camera in his hand. He lazily snapped pictures of Oliver as he stood at the end of their bed, looking at himself in their wall mirror. He was so intent on getting his tie perfectly tied that he hadn't noticed his fiancé snapping away.

"You know it's just our friends coming over, right?" he asked from the bed.

Oliver nodded but his eyes didn't leave the mirror. "It doesn't hurt to dress up a little."

Aiden looked down at his six-year-old shirt with the rips in the sleeve and shrugged. "When we go out, do people think you are just nice and helping me because I'm homeless?"

Oliver laughed. "I'm sure it's been thought at some point. Even I have wondered."

"Hey!" Aiden yelled at him. He laughed. "You're mean."

"You do dress a like you're on your way to a Kanye West fashion show," Oliver commented.

Aiden shrugged. "His clothes are worth thousands of dollars, so really it's a compliment."

Oliver finally turned away from the mirror. "I would ask why you are taking photos of me, but I know you way too well."

"You look sexy in a suit," Aiden told him.

"I knew you'd say that."

Aiden jumped from the bed, leaving his camera on the sheets. "Did you now?"

Oliver wrapped his hands behind Aiden's back. "Yes I did." He kissed Aiden.

"Should I change?" Aiden asked seriously.

Oliver shook his head. "Heck no."

"You find the homeless look sexy?"

Oliver laughed. He pulled at the edges of Aiden's ripped tee. "I find you sexy, no matter what you're wearing."

Aiden liked that answer. "Although I wish we could stand here and flirt for the rest of our lives, I think Ava should be here soon. We should go downstairs."

Oliver pressed his body closer to Aiden's. "We still have a few minutes..."

Aiden pushed at Oliver's shoulders playfully. "Keep your mind clean, buddy. We've got a child in the house."

"Rosie is hardly a child, plus she wouldn't hear us."

"This place is almost one giant room of course she would!"

Oliver rolled his eyes. "Alright, alright. Let's go be good hosts."

Aiden slipped his camera over his head and then pulled Oliver by his hand downstairs. They were greeted with the image of Rosie on the couch with Oscar. His huge head was resting on her lap and she was stroking his back absentmindedly as she watched Netflix. It was only a second later that their other dog, Max, jumped up on the couch with them. He was only half the size of Oscar, but his long fur seemed to make up for the difference.

"You should go get dressed," Oliver told her as they walked down the stairs.

Rosie didn't even look up from her show. "I am dressed, doofus."

Aiden sometimes thought that Rosie was more likely to be related to him than to Oliver. Rosie's torn leggings and baggy shirt was the same outfit he had seen her in the day before. He was beginning to think this girl was the female version of himself.

The doorbell rang and Aiden walked back over towards the staircase to answer it. He was suddenly holding containers of food. "Hi girls," he greeted her behind the boxes. He pulled his arms down so that he could see.

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