Slaggin' Twister

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 We all came together. Ratchet, Optimus, and me. To play this slagging game... Twister. Of all the Primus forsaken things... Why twister? *sigh*

This was suggested by @RB_Quickshadow .... Thanks... I think.

But really. Why Twister Quickshadow? Why? You could have chosen anything else... Why this? I'm starting to think you all like torturing me... Anyway like I was saying...

********Empty Room**********

We all came together the three of us to play this game. Twister. *SIGH*


We sat on the floor after setting up. "Okay who goes first?" Optimus said glancing at Ratchet and me.

" Well it is YOUR dare Ironhide... Why don't you go first?" Ratchet said with that evil grin.

"....... You know... Someday your going to want something from me and I'm actually going to think about it before I just do it." I said to Ratchet while I flicked the spinner. Ratchet laughed at my remark and watched the spinner land on Right Foot - Yellow. I complied then looked at Ratchet. "Your turn."

"Why me?" Ratchet said with the most innocent look he could muster.

I grinned, "Because your my sparkmate."

"*SIGH!* Fine you fragger." Ratchet flicked the spinner and it landed on Left Hand - Blue. Ratchet stood and bent down to put his left hand on the first blue circle. Ratchet looked up at me but I didn't notice because I was too busy admiring his aft. "Ironhide!" He said. He sounded slightly angry. I looked at him.

"What?" I said. I admire his aft all the time why would he have a problem now?

Ratchet rolled his optics and shook his helm then looked between his legs at Optimus who was smart enough to not admire Ratchet's aft like I know he wanted to. He wasn't suicidal. "Spin." Ratchet said forcefully. Optimus complied and it landed on Right Foot - Yellow. He walked to the other side of the board then realized our problem. There wasn't a spinner. A mech to spin the spinner. Optimus commed Prowl to come and he was there with 30 seconds, datapad in hand.

"So you just need me to spin the spinner for you all?" Prowl asked. We all shook our helm's in approval. "Alright." Prowl spun and the result was Right Hand - Yellow. I shook my helm and complied with the result. Prowl then spun again and looked up at Ratchet. Now it was going to get mixed up. "*sigh* Right Foot - Green, Ratchet." Ratchet just looked at the green circle on the other side of me. He sighed and managed to keep his left servo on the blue while he swung a leg over me to touch the green circle. He did it but he was basically laying over me by the time he was settled. I looked at Ratchet.

" You've always wanted to be on top... Now you get your wish." I said with a smug grin.

"Ironhide!" Ratchet said with surprise. Apparently he wasn't expecting that. Whoops.....NOT!

"Right Hand - Yellow, Optimus." Prowl said. Optimus had the easy spin... Lucky fragger. " Left Foot - Blue."

"Oh slag... Really?! *sigh*" I said while trying to avoid hitting Ratchet in the process. Poor Ratchet.... What the Frag Am I Thinking?!

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