Optimus Prime's Sword

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This dare is by @devil_spawn349

The dare is: Take Optimus's Sword paint it Ratchets colors and frame Mudflap and Skids.


Earlier in the week, I had talked to Lennox about this dare and he agreed to help.

I drove Lennox to the art store called Michael's. Strange name for a store if you ask me.... Anyway, Lennox got the essential materials we would need. He hopped in my cab and I sped off.

--- That night.... ----

We managed to sneak into Prime's weapon place.
The sword was in our sights.
With a sly smirk and nod to Lennox, we crept in and took the sword. I almost knocked over a loaded gun and shot Lennox, but that's besides the point...

---- My private private room ----

With a small giggle (only a small one, I'm too tough for any more than that), we opened the "stuff" and got to work. Our masterpiece would be back in it's original place by sunrise...

---- Morning ----

I went to breakfast with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. 'I'm such  a sly bastard,' I thought to myself. Ratchet came around the corner in his sparkling wonderful colors and gave me a confused look.
"What's the matter with you today?" He said with putting his servos on his hips.
"What ever do you mean Ratch?" I said trying not to bat my eye lashes like some lying high school girl.
"You know exactly what I mean... What's with the smile and no stomping around like an angry bear that didn't get its fish? Today you're walking like you just got a new 'toy.'" Ratchet was on to me. He knows me better than anybody. Perhaps I should think about things that make me unreasonably angry. Like when Ratchet tells me to go take a bath or makes the humans wash me... Uggh. I get shivers just thinking about that slag...
"Uh, hello? Earth to Ironhide? What's your major malfunction?" Ratchet said waving a hand in front of my face. I had been staring at the ground.
"Um, Nothing! I can't just have a happy morning?" Ratchet gave me that, 'do I look stupid to you?' look. Which was my cue to turn on a heel and walk the other way.
"Okay then.." Ratchet says under his breath.

Lennox walks in and I make my way to him. "LENNOX!!" I yelled to the tiny man.
"IRONHIDE!!" He said back. I picked him up and started to walk to a table to sit and talk to him. That's when Mudflap and Skids came in dangling by a leg from Prime's hands. Behind Prime came Prowl with the masterpiece.

He sat them on a table beside Lennox and I. "Alright, everybody listen up and listen up good. These two say they did not paint my sword even though it has their initials on it. And if it wasn't them, then it was another one of the lot of you that like to pull pranks. Now who was it??" Prime looked real serious. We kept our mouths shut.
"Why's it my colors?" Ratchet said from a corner in the room.
"That's what I want to know too," said Prime. He looked everyone in the optics and stopped on me. He knows...

I looked at the table, breaking our stare. "Ironhiiiide...." I looked up away from Prime and clasped my servos together, twirling my thumbs like a child. Prime started a low growl which had me up and running faster than you could say frag.

As I ran away, I heard Prime yelling and Ratchets wicked laugh behind me.


Tada? Did you like it?

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