Dare 1

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Note: This all takes place in the bayverse dimension, unless a dare asks me to travel to the TFP dimension or any other dimension...

* This dare is from @Kosmic5 . The dare is, "I dare you to paint Ratchet purple and pink then casually ask him what happened." .......Here we go.....*

-0- At the NEST Hanger/Base... -0-

It was a normal day at the nest base. The temperature, exactly 80 degrees Fahrenheit, a nice temperature for both human and Autobot. Optimus was in the Ops center discussing information with Jazz and Prowl. Bumblebee was out racing with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker. Ratchet was in his Medbay cleaning tools and stuff, while I, Ironhide, was outside sitting on a rock on the beach thinking of a plan.

/This isn't like you.../ I thought, while I fought with my conscious. 

/ But it would be so funny... Besides it's just a joke, who could blame you for just trying to have a laugh?/ I smiled.

/ But what would Ratchet think?/ I thought and my smile diminished.

/ He would hate you for a couple days probably.... But he would get over it...Hopefully./

/ But I have to do it... I was dared to.../ I thought...

/ Oh well, the least that could happen is Ratchet finding out it was me and not the twins for once.../ I sighed.

/ I hate you Kosmic5 for this..../ (I don't really hate you Kosmic5. I just hate you because you dared me to do this...) I sighed once more and began to form my plan...

-0- At mid day -0-

I had formed a plan and had wandered around the base for a bit. Now I was currently with Ratchet in the Medbay getting scanned...Again...

" Ironhide, whens the last time you energized?" Ratchet asked me. He seemed to be in a lighter mood today. So far no one was hit by a wrench all day.

" Earlier this morning." I said. I hated the fact that I had to diminish the medics mood by painting him purple and pink. Oh well, I had to.

" Hmmm..." Ratchet said looking over me.

" What? Is something wrong?" I asked him. He picked up my servo and looked at. He looked at the palm of my hand and the back of it. " What?" I said. Ratchet looked at me.

" Go wash your servos." He said while pointing at the door. I grunted and trudged out the door.

-0- Later that evening -0-

I was the only on left outside the hanger. I looked up at the stars in wonder. I wondered a lot of things. How Cybertron was doing, why I decided to post a ' Ask or Dare me ANYTHING' story on my Wattpad account, why Kosmic5 decided to dare me something so hard for me to do. Ratchet had done no wrong to me nor hardily anyone else. I guess Kosmic5 just wanted to see what would happen. That was fine with me. I kind of wanted to know too secretly.

I was interrupted in my thoughts as Optimus came to stand beside me. He also looked up. "Beautiful isn't it? We were lucky to have landed on such a planet as this one. But, even with how beautiful and young this world is, I would still give anything to have Cybertron and change it to be a better world." Optimus said. He was always so truthful and full of hope. It could brighten anyone's day.

" I agree. This world is young and has much to learn, though I still would rather be standing in the middle of Iacon or Praxus instead of this organic planet." I said to Optimus. He looked over at me.""

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