~The Beginning~

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Y/N= your name. E/C= eye color. H/C= hair color. H/l= hair length. F/C= favorite color. F/R= favorite restaurant.

6 years old

"Mommy can I go play with Chandler?" I asked with pleading eyes. "Yes, but be safe." She said planting a kiss on my head. I slipped on my old sneakers and rushed out the door. Chandler lived next to us. I knocked on the door. His mother Gina opened the door. "Hey Y/N!" She said greeting me. "Hello Mrs.Riggs!" I said. "Where's Chandler?" I asked. "He's upstairs, I'll call him for you." She said. "Thanks." I said. "Chandler Y/N is here for you! She called. He came running down the stairs. "Hey Y/N!" He said. "Hey! I was wondering if you'd like to come play Hide 'N Seek with me and a couple of friends?" I asked. "Sure!" He said. "Mom I'm going to go play with my friends!" He called to his mother. "Be safe!" She called back. "Okay!" He said. We ran into the yard. I was the best at Hide 'N Seek.

Katelyn, s/y/h, (someone you hate), Jake, and Jess were playing with us.

~time skip~

We both had to go home to eat dinner. After that, Chandler came over to play video games with me. He ended up staying the night.

A/N: If your confused for any reason, this chapter is about you and Chandler when you were six. You both met at 5. Hope you understand now. Leave a vote if you enjoyed! Thanks!

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