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He looked at you. "It's okay. I won't hurt you. I promise. You can trust me. Can you tell me your name?" Hiroshi said. "Misaki." you said quietly. "See you can trust me" he said. The last two words echoed in your head over and over again.
"You can trust me Misaki." That thing said. "How do you know my name?" You asked. "I know many things, child. I can also make many things happen, but only if you trust me. Do you trust me?" you nodded and she gave a toothy grin. That grin you could never get out of your mind. She gave a small evil chuckle and ran in your house. When you heard screams you ran in. You saw your parents and you brother dead. You looked around to see that same thing staring at you. "I do keep my word. Tell me what is it that you want, before you die?" That when you started to run.
*end of flashback*
"Misaki. Misaki are you okay? You spaced out, there." you looked at looked at him. You shook your head. "Hey, Misaki. Are you okay?" you only looked at him. "Okay, um...are you hungry? I made some vegetable soup if you want any." you just continued to stare at him. You saw something move in the window in the distance. You looked away from him and looked out the window. You slowly went over to it. You saw the same boy you saw earlier. You looked at him with confusion. He walked ti the door and knocked. "Ugh. He always knows." Hiroshi said. Hey opened the door and the boy gave a wide smile. So many people seem nice. But they might not be, should I trust Hiroshi? You questioned in your mind. "I smelled food! Can I come in?" the boy said happily. As you examined he you saw a tail wagging behind him. He looked at you and said happily "Who is she? Is she from your mission? Can I meet her?" he asked as his tail wagged faster.

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