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A/n:  I dont know sooooooo yyyeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

You woke up and got all your things together for school. You grabbed your lunch and made sure to lock it with an actual lock. You ran out and was about to head to school until you heard a scream from the woods. You ran in dropping all you stuff. You saw a dead little boy in the arms of a level E vampire. You backed away slowly as memories if that day flooded in your head. The vampire looks at you with red bloodshot eyes and he smirked like a psychopath. He shot at you and grab you by the neck. "What a fine treat I have here." he said. You started to scream but he covered your mouth quickly. "I don't want anyone ruining all my fun~, how about I have you for lunch later? Or now?!" he voice be came deep and sounded as if two people were speaking at once. You closed your eyes tightly and felt his hand being pulled off of your neck. You opened your eyes and saw Takshi punching that guy. You then felt Hishiro pick you up bridal style. Takshi shot him with an anti-vampire(?) gun. He disappeared. Takshi shot up and ran to you. "Are you okay?!" he asked worrily. You looked back. The body of that little boy was gone. Hishiro didn't say anything. Instead of his usual happy, fun and kind nature, there was sadness, anger, sorrow, and dullness. He cover all his emotions up with dullness. "Yeah, I'm fine. Hishiro you can put me down now." you muttered. Hishiro put you down. You heard a slight giggle from the woods. Hishiro and Takshi pushed you behind them. "Ohh~. How sweet~. The werewolf and the vampire protecting the human girl." it giggled. You were pulled back by your hair. "Lookie what I have~" it said holding your hands to you shoulder blades. "Your lucky I'm not hungry, but I think I should take he for later. You felt something hard against your head and you fell into a pit of darkness.

Hey y'all! Sorry for the wait buuuut here you go! Who do you think it is and do you think the bad guy should be a vampire or a werewolf? I will be taking votes.



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